Sean Garrett’s New Lyrics: Dark Skin B*tches Be As Pretty As Them Red Bones… “Summer Love”

- By Bossip Staff

Sean Garrett has teamed up with UGK’s Bun-B and Yo Gotti for his new jawn called “Summer Love”. The beat is definitely unique and something you can vibe out to until you get to the hook… So Disrespectful!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek

Summer Love –


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  • LaDiva

    All skin colors are beautiful. From the palest to the darkest. They are all beautiful.

  • LaDiva

    Hope this topic doesn’t become a war btwn dark skin vs red bone or any other color for that matter…

  • daahlingnikki

    @La Diva

    You know it’s about to turn into a dark skin vs light skin war up in here…Im ducking out now before the first shots are fired…

  • d

    I like the beat, it something different for a change. But yeah i agree they need to stop all that red bone, dark bone shit. all black sistas are beautiful. I am also tired of our black men talking down on us like Slim Thug and Taye Diggs. I guess we to strong for em’.

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    @La Diva…you know it’s coming…I’m grabbing my coffee now and will be back to see.


    But on a different note, how old are these men? I thought calling women B*tch went out when the word N**gzz went out.


  • cocolover

    She looks extremely good for her age. But I saw her phots on wealthy men site _____ S-e-e-k-R-i-c-h-B-e-a-u-t-y * c-o-m _________ last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  • LaDiva

    @ daahlingnikki
    I honestly hope it’s not. No-body is better than no-body and no color is above another. But here’s hoping to ppl being civilized for once…lol

  • aries79

    Lol… I dont know what to think,,,, They are 
    giving darkskin chicks props… I guess…
    I’m just gonna say I like the

  • : )

    SIGH… I got to the hook! here we go.

  • Keep It Real

    Why do they have to be as pretty as…. was he trying to compliment dark skin women?

  • tb

    I’m tired of ppl acting like because a chick darkskinned she not cute….putting them light skinned chicks up on a pedestal because they light….C’mon son!!! All light skinned chicks aren’t cute and all darkskinned chicks are ugly…there are ugly and cute lightskinned chicks and ugly and cute darkskinned chick. These brain washed black men sick my stomach.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    & here we go again…


    @ LaDiva

    I know, right…dumbest thing we could argue about…next to good and bad hair…

  • rain

    sean garrett is fine

  • LaDiva


    Exactly.. All hair textures are beautiful. Ppl need to be thankful they have hair…

  • Candid Canuck

    song is FIRE!! beat is righteous… durrty south…. brapp!

  • Mmmm

    I think that it is inclusive of dark skinned women but, it is not by far a complement. As a dark skinned black woman, I appreciate all different skin tones and hair textures. Dark skinned women in general just want to be appreciated for their own skin tone and not let it be made into a demonic physical trait. But I don’t want a man or woman putting others down to build us up.

    Let’s not start a war over this ISH, right here.


    OH LAWD!!!!

  • LaDiva


    Exactly… I mean do u know how boring this world would be if there wasn’t any variations… Even the rainbow would look boring if u took out its colors… It wouldn’t be a rainbow anymore..


    @ anewme

    I hear what you’re sayin’, but I’m not sure I would’ve taken it that way. Seems like he was interested in your friend from the jump, for whatever reason, and was trying to be polite to you. But I know sometimes it’s the WAY people say things that catch us off guard too…obviously I had to be there for that, but at face value it doesn’t seem offensive to me…

  • nywoman23

    here we go he calls females bit.ches . but yet all the dumb people just overlook that. wow because he says the dark skinned chics are just as pretty as the red bones like myself, ya’ll are so what estatic that you over look the fact that he degraded us women still? by the b word. tsk. this world has too much imbeciles in it.


    @ LaDiva

    Girl, you are so right. That’s what makes us so special…white doesn’t come in different shades (except by human intervention, like tanning), but we do; because of that we are beautiful. Gives the whole “black is beautiful” thing a new perspective.

  • iWax

    Is it supposed to be a compliment saying dark skin is AS pretty as a light skin? As if light skin holds a higher power. The whole light skin vs. dark skin would be much better if no one compared the two at all.

  • LaDiva


    Blks come in all shades of color.
    So there is no point in saying one looks better than the next. At the end of the day, you are blk and that is beautiful.

  • Reality

    Name the last rapper you know with a college degree. Apart from young MC, lords of the underground and DAS EFX. Now you know why these new rappers are retarted.

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