*Bossip Exclusive* Monica Tells Bossip “So Help Me God, Me And Rocko Are Cool!” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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  • lilkunta

    Good things you say Monica.

    But I do find it hard to believe that you’re so religious, yet you have have 2 kids while not being married.

    Love your music Mo!

  • Aunt Esther

    Child please where was God when u was humping that man w/o a ring????

  • nikki


    You can be religious and not be married. You can be married and not be religious.

  • Miko

    I’m dumbfounded at how people “go in” on Monica regarding “her” choices. She has beautiful boys and she’s OBVIOUSLY COMPLETELY covered in the BLOOD of JESUS! So, with that said, how dare ANY of you JUDGE her! Cmon son!!! She surely didn’t have children with a married man BUT, if she had, that’s between her and “her” maker! GOD BLESS Monica! No one knows what completely brought Monica to love GOD the way she does. BACK UP OFF HER!!! The LORD REBUKES ALL of MONICA’S haters… AMEN!!!!!!!

  • baygirllmao


  • MeMe

    lilkunta* You can still be religious and have 2 kids. People make mistakes. Who are you to judge? How are you even going to say that? At least both of her kids has the same father and they were going to get married.

  • Mock Rock Star

    No comment on Monica

  • witeshoes

    Monica seems like the kind of woman that’s demanding and would run a good man off!!! I’m just saying….kind of rigid. We all need balance in our lives.

  • Miss Wise

    You have to fall to be saved… She’s a great person & who are we to judge her… Being married is not all that great, most ppl are un happy in their marriages anyway. If she wouldve married Rocko, she wouldve been divorced due to infidelties…

  • Malina

    I love Monica. She is so real. I respect her so much.

  • Denise

    And I’m quite positive that all of those judging her have sinned themselves, but have a religion of their own. People don’t think before they open their mouth. As long as we are in this flesh, we all will sin from the preacher in the pulpit to your judgmental self!


    I like Monica…. At least she has a relationshp with GOD..Such a pretty voice….. such a pretty girl


    she’s aging.

  • nay

    this is 4 jay ” DEEN” this don’t have a damn thing 2 do with BLACK. i’m BLACK, proud & blessed! i thank god everyday 4 what he has made me 2 b. if i had da option 2 b white, i would decline. this post is definiely not your issue BOY. your background done really did a number on u punk….

  • NENE

    @JayDeen.. Wow! You really hate black people? Sooooooo you hate yourself, your mother and father, grandmother/grandfather…
    and if you have kids with your white woman, what nationality do you think they will be… I feel sorry for you wife and children, they have a poor excuse for a husband/father

  • Jessica-Keeping it real

    As long as she does right by her kids and continues to make beautiful music that’s all that matters.

  • dutch3k5

    after the trash yall talked about her im SURPRISED she granted an interview…

  • @ Jessica

    @ Jessica—you made the most sense in the room. I love Monica and the fact she is “seriously” humble.

  • speaking of this ish...

    Monica is such a mature and intelligent person she speaks with an air of confidence. And how she handles her relationship with her ex; teaching some of these young people how to handle their parenting and relationship life in a grown man/woman way..Go Monica..

  • muse

    I’ve been a fan of Monica since “Miss Thang” dropped. She has such a special gift. I really respect her maturity and the fact that she has remained true to herself throughout the years. It’s so funny how people hate on her for having children out of wedlock but love Angelina Jolie and Madonna. People make mistakes but her children are still blessings.

  • tlov224

    I love Mo and I already have my tickets to the show!!

  • pat

    @tintin….ya think???? she was 14 when she came out…now she’s 30…

  • p

    I just love Monica…nothing else to be said…rock on

  • Stop It!!!

    I see you are a dumb bit@#. This story has nothing to do with race, yet your dumb a%% chose to take it there. Who gives a fu@8 if you married a white woman. Is that supposed to be a prize? No black woman would want your bitter a$$ anyway. I bet your wife is screwing a “monkey” behind your back. How many black women do you see that are really interested in your a$$es anyway. You are just another idiot that makes me laugh with your racist comments. It’s 2010, you are going to have to come better than that. Who ever told you you are better than anyone else is just as dumb as you are. You are NOBODY!



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