Miley Cyrus Likes OJ Da Juiceman And Who??

- By Bossip Staff

First she was looking like Tupac and shaking her crotch, now the teenage fiend is talking about her favorite rappers and probably in the backdrop getting her flute filled and jaws worked. SMH.

See Who Miley Cyrus’ Two Favorite Rappers Are On

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  • Chester Tha Kat!!! :D

    I told you they ran by white people. That’s why they do not positive things about black people but negative things.

  • lilkunta

    last year when her song “party in the usa” was out, she was talking about it. she said “i dont even know who jay z is. i dont listen to rap music. i didnt write the song, i just sing it”.

    but now 1 yr later she is into rap & has a favorite rapper?


    miley stop lying.

  • rain

    That hoe said once she don’t listen to hiphop music,now this hoe want black people give her a cookie because white people have disown her

  • rain

    @lilkunta thats right she did say that,she want a BEt award ,i’m trying to tell yall

  • oh no

    who is oj the juice man first of all.

    secondly, sh said she didnt know a jay z song, but now she knows oj the juice man and i know jay z and dont know oj te juice man.

    and bosip yall are ong for sayinggetting her pipe filld and jaws worked. thats a child.

  • Dummys

    @Spelling is fundamental

    And you aint discredited a word I said. How you feel?

  • Spelling is fundamental

    Smarter than you!

  • Canadian.Eliza

    @ Spelling is fundamental

    LOL… You just made my day =]

  • F U

    flute filled and jaws worked <——*DEAD*

    This lil girl kills me and those veneers are killing me even more! She can't even talk with them in.

  • creole doll

    this hoe is crazy just trying get more fame she dont know wat she likes

  • Mike

    Oj str8 up corny dude made a song bout chickens

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