Kids Play in Toxic Tarballs on Florida Beach

- By Bossip Staff

Despite skyrocketing clean up costs, oily globs are still washing up on Florida’s beaches, and parents are still taking their kids to play in the sun and sand. Their solution to oil stained hands and feet: Goo Gone. Yuck. Pop it to see the grossness.

Tourists are STILL going out to beaches covered in little oily doo doo chunks. And now, they are posting videos all over the web showing the effects of the unplugged oil well in the gulf.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Animals are dying, children are covered in black goo, businesses are in jeopardy, BP’s stock is down and the clean up costs are skyrocketing. CNN gave a staggering account of clean up costs so far:

Costs associated with the Gulf oil disaster have gone up more than $300 million in less than a week, BP said Friday.

“The cost of the response to date amounts to approximately $2.35 billion, including the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, grants to the Gulf states, claims paid and federal costs,” a company statement said. BP put the tab at $2 billion on Monday.

The company previously agreed to set aside $20 billion in an escrow account for spill-related costs, a sum that does not cover fees and penalties that could be imposed by the federal government.

“To date, almost 74,000 claims have been filed and more than 39,000 payments have been made, totaling almost $126 million,” the company said.

According to BP, approximately 37,000 personnel, more than 4,500 vessels and some 100 aircraft are involved in the response effort.

All that money and very little progress. We love the beach and all that, but letting the kids run around barefoot in oil. Notsomuch.


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  • LuvN_Life

    Straight stupidity,And People wonder how come kids don’t know any better. the DaMN parents dont teach em’ or show a bit of common damn sense!
    this is toXic,the “clean up crew” is getting ill from just cleaning this mess,W.T.H????

  • lilbabiphat2004

    ewwww now thats disgusting

  • Thicklikecornbread

    I wouldnt take my children to the beach. I would buy a swimming pool from Wal-Mart & let them play all day

  • Just Bored

    I ought to file a claim, they are messing up my weekend garlic crab addiction!

  • Delight23

    always some ignorant azz that needs to “see” first hand. just be sure to post the follow-up pics once the petroleum has fully seeped into the skin.

  • Please

    stupid stuff….lots of people are going to get sick as hell. It was raining oil in Louisiana yesterday.

  • tjdas


  • Come on

    F U c k

  • nywoman23

    well the parents are dumb now arent they.

  • nywoman23

    is it imperative for their kids to be in beach water? why not take them to a pool. if they dotn know any pools to take them to why not take them to places where there are water rides. if they dont have money for that helloooooooo figure other things to do . dumb parents

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    What cha talking bout Willis, may be a shill for BP and he seems to only know what this BP thing has done on the surface. Wait until the after effects of all of this. Then will this House igger still shill for BP?

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    I Love It – you’re right on point with your comment!

  • sean-slade

    @I love it

    right on the money, the white man steals and destroys for money and power.yakoub in the flesh, the true devil. the sun reveals his true “red” color

  • Keli

    I grew up on the TX Gulf Coast, and the beaches in my neck of the woods have been messed up for a minute… like since the 80’s… so as unfortunate as this is, why the outcry now? Because it effects more people? We are such hypocrites… we want our big body SUV’s and our pretty white sandy beaches too.

    On another note… what person in their right mind would allow their child to play in oil residue? This must have been for the news story.

  • sholla21

    Why would you let your kids play in toxic waste??? SMDH

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