Sextra: Who’s In the Mood For Some Cancer Love?

- By Bossip Staff

Earlier this week, the cycle of the Cancer came upon us and we’re now in the throws of the time of the crab! Cancers, according to astral research, are said to be the most emotional and sensitive beings of the entire zodiac. So in order to protect their soft center, they create a hard shell to shield themselves from pain. They don’t like being hurt; for they are very loyal and giving and when they feel betrayed, it cuts deep. Just as deeply as they hurt, though, they love even deeper. When a cancer is committed to someone, they do not waver. The crab has an innate need to feel emotionally secure within their relationships and if it’s not there, they tend to get a bit possessive. However, if their lover is true and the devotion is without question, watch out! A cancer will devour you in the bedroom! This astral sign will set the scene for a total body experience – the complete arousal of all senses. They’re the type that will draw a candlelit bath with champagne, rose petals tossed upon the silk bed sheets, exotic incense burning with soft music playing in the background. Their main focus is to please their lover and they’ll do so with such passion and so selflessly, you’ll never forget the experience. Toe curling. Although a cancer can and will participate in casual encounters from time to time, the best way to connect with the crab is to first, be genuine and second, get to know them on an emotional and spiritual plane before you delve into the physical. A cancer’s love is forever so don’t even bother with them if you’re the flighty kind because they do, in fact, snap! And when they do that, hold on to your ego because you won’t have much left when they’re done with you!

Cancers are the best. We will give you the shirt off our back if you needed it. That’s just how we are! I will admit we can be very moody at times but everybody has their days! Ummm, and as far as the sex is concerned, I’ve never had any complaints and most guys are surprised by my freakiness! I probably don’t come off as the type that will do some of the things that I do but like I said, I’ve never had any complaints! Cancers are the best! We’re smart and funny and accepting of other people and their differences. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with us in your life because we love so hard. Please believe it. – Cameron, 29 on July 7

I was kind of in a relationship with a cancer and he was a great friend before anything else. I could count on him to be at the same place at the same time because this was before cell phones. So we had this meeting place and he was there on certain days religiously, I really loved him for that. If he wasn’t there, I knew something was wrong and he would find a way to get in touch with me as soon as possible to let me know what was up. He was very loyal, indeed. We did everything together and he was so fun to be around, we always laughed and talked about everything and nothing. He did eventually make a physical pass at me and I was shocked because I thought, by that time, he was only into me as a friend and I was content with that. Sex was okay, it was tender and sweet. I didn’t think much of the physical at all but it did change things. He got possessive and clingy like he had to know where I was and who I was with at all times and if it wasn’t with him, forget about it. He’s still a close friend of mine to this day and if I needed him for anything he’d be there. He’s a really good guy! – Linda, 32

I’m a libra and my ex-girl was a cancer. Man, it was drama all the time and she was never f*cking satisfied. She was emotional which wasn’t a problem for me because I have two sisters and we were raised by my Moms so growing up around all females I, usually, have a leg up on them and I don’t get all wrapped up in the emotional tantrums but, man! This chick got physical and she would scream and cry and storm out the crib all hot around her collar. The crazy part about it was, I felt like I couldn’t leave her because she was so unstable at times and I never wanted to feel responsible for that. The sex was outrageous and it fixed a lot of our problems but that was only temporary because, let her tell it, I was always doing her wrong or not considering her feelings. That was a crazy ride, for real but she was a great person. Still haven’t found a chick as freaky as she was though, good f*cking sex, real talk. – Mike, 30

All the Cancers and lovers of the Crab, please share your thoughts!

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