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Nothing makes us happier than seeing police being held accountable for the violence that inflict upon innocent, unarmed, or otherwise undeserving citizens. Nothing makes us more angry than seeing trigger-happy, untrustworthy, pigs get away with murder.

On November 19, 2022, Portland, Oregon police officers responded to a call of an attempted armed robbery by a group of three or four white men who fled the scene in a vehicle. According to AP News, police began following another car with no probable cause. When the car pulled into a church parking lot, officers quickly converged on the sedan where Immanueal “Manny” Clark was standing near the driver’s side door. The shock of seeing a militant group of cops charging toward him sent Clark sprinting away from the scene. One of the officers promptly shot him in the back claiming that he believed Clark was in possession of a firearm, he was not. No weapons were recovered.


Clark’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the unnamed officer and the city of Portland for excessive force, wrongful death, and negligence. Following the shooting, the lawsuit claims that Clark was lying on the ground bleeding out for 26 minutes before anyone attempted to render medical aid. He would go on to pass away at a hospital.

Back in August, a Multnomah County grand jury convened and decided that the shooting was not criminal. Unfortunately, civil lawsuits are the primary way that families can get any semblance of justice after one of their loved ones has been killed by a police officer.

We hope they take every red cent from this department, the city of Portland, and that unduly protected officer.


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