Palm Royale has officially arrived on Apple TV+ and viewers are sure to get a kick out of watching Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin portraying aspirational figures at odds.

Palm Royale key art and production stills

Source: Courtesy / Apple TV+

BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with the Palm Royale stars ahead of the series’ premiere March 20. The actors opened up about playing two characters who hate each other at first, but Martin and Wiig assured us that their relationship was much different when cameras weren’t rolling.

“We didn’t stay in character because it’s so hard to argue and be mean to Ricky Martin,” Wiig told BOSSIP. “It’s done in such a playful way and Maxine’s comebacks are never very good. We just had we just had so much fun with it.”

Palm Royale key art and production stills

Source: Courtesy / Apple TV+

“We had fun for the whole season,” Martin agreed. “It was wonderful. We were so alike, we had so much in common and and that’s why I didn’t like her in the beginning — that’s why the character didn’t like her — and that’s why he loved her so much at the end. It was very beautiful because it had so many hills and valleys.”

The show follows Wiig as Maxine Simmons, as a woman in pursuit of acceptance among the Palm Beach elite in 1969. Over the course of ten episodes Maxine shows she’ll do just about anything to achieve her goal — so we had to ask Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin if they’ve ever acted outside of themselves like Maxine.

“Oh gosh, well you were saying that’s kind of…” Kristen Wiig said trailing off.

“High School!” Martin chimed in. “Everybody goes through this this in high school.”

“Thinking you’re supposed to you want to belong to a certain group or be friends with a certain person,” Wiig continued. “I think also just getting older you just kind of I don’t know you don’t care as much but yeah think when you’re younger for sure.”

Palm Royale key art and production stills

Source: Courtesy / Apple TV+

The pair also spoke about how fortunate they felt working with Carol Burnett, who brought tons of energy to the set.

“The fact that she said yes, I still just check, like is that really her?” Kristen Wiig told BOSSIP.

“I just love the fact that she’s she has more energy than all of us together,” Martin recalled. “She’s like, ‘OK we’re ready for the next season. Let’s do this! ‘I don’t want to retire,’ she says and that’s wonderful.”

“She would come to set and we would all just sit up and the room felt lighter,” Wiig added. “It was just kind of hard to describe really. She’s just magic.”

The first three episodes of Palm Royale are currently streaming on Apple TV+.


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