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Nothing a cop hates more than passing up an opportunity to kill someone.

Dalaneo Martin‘s family is still seeking justice and answers for why a law enforcement officer thought it necessary or morally right to fatally shoot him in the back multiple times according to DCNewsNow. In March 2023, the 17-year-old was asleep inside an allegedly stolen vehicle when U.S. Park Police and Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. arrived on the scene and hatched a plan to arrest him. That plan couldn’t have failed more miserably.

According to Yahoo! News, the body camera footage reveals the fatal foresight that two officers had about the situation.

“So here’s the plan,” an MPD officer says. “He’s knocked out. The back window is just plastic. I’m going to try to cut that out quietly, unlock the door. If he doesn’t get startled, doesn’t wake up, then we’re going to try to get in there, grab him before he puts that car in gear. If he does take off, just let him go.”

In the footage another officer yells, “Once you break it he’s gonna wake up, start it and put it in drive to go. We don’t want nobody to get hurt.”

“Hurt” was the least of it. Below is the body camera footage from the protected and unnamed police officer who took Dalaneo’s life for nothing.

Warning: The footage is disturbing. The actual shooting has been edited but please take stock of your mental health prior to pressing play.

The anniversary of Dalaneo’s death was just three days ago on March 18, 2024, and his family is no closer to healing than they were 365 days ago.

Ubiquitous civil rights attorney Ben Crump is representing the family and spoke out during a protest gathering outside of the Department of Justice building.

“Somebody who, like my brother from another mother, committed a crime, and we will know everything about them. We would know how many detentions got in school,” Crump said. “But when a police officer shoot us six times in the back, they say, ‘it’s so private, so we got to be so careful.’”

The DOJ insists that this case is still under investigation. We call cap.


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