Dwyane Wade’s Divorce Is Finalized, Free To Frolic With Gabby

- By Bossip Staff

Dwyane Wade’s marriage problems are over, divorce is now finalized:

A Cook County judge as expected finalized the divorce of Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade and his wife, Siohvaughn, Friday morning, though her attorney vowed to appeal.

“I feel relieved,” said Wade, dressed in a dark blue pin-striped suit outside of Judge Marya Nega’s courtroom.

“It’s been a long, long process and to finally get this part behind us, I feel great, even though we still have more to get done,” added the NBA star who played his high school ball at Richards High School in Oak Lawn. In the brief hearing, Nega said Wade had proven irreconcilable differences with his high school sweetheart and dissolved the marriage, though issues concerning custody of the couple’s two sons and division of marital assets haven’t yet been decided.

All previous orders, including one granting Wade “physical possession” of his sons, will remain in place until further proceedings take place, the judge ordered.

Poor Siohvaughn didn’t even show up:

Siohvaughn Wade didn’t attend the hearing, but was expected at the courthouse to sign paperwork, her attorney, Michael Kalcheim said. After the hearing, Kalcheim said he planned to file an appeal with the appellate court Monday because it was improper to dissolve a marriage before all custody and financial issues have been resolved.

“The judge made a mistake,” Kalcheim said. Wade is expected to become a free agent next week and could command well over $100 million from NBA teams eager to sign him. The couple had been separated since August 2007. The divorce proceedings have been bitter, marked by allegations and lawsuits brought by both sides.

“Mrs. Wade has committed her final flagrant foul,” Wade’s attorney, James Pritkin said. “Her game is over.”



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  • lisa

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  • gebroadnax@yahoo.com

    As long as you have children with that woman, it’s never over…(Unfortunately)..Good luck Mr. Wade.

  • mrs. glenda sumo

    good luck you freak

  • zombiegirl

    atleast he didnt get a white jumpoff they make a lovey couple.

  • Tee

    The marriage is over. D-Wade has 18 years to deal this situation. Why appeal a divorce? If a man no longer wants you – move on. She’s making the situation worst then what it should be. Obviously the judge sees something that we don’t that makes her believe that the divorce needs to be final so that they can proceed on with the division of the assets, child support and spousal support, it’s ashame that it had to end in this manner. PEACE!

  • Jameslyn

    no matter what happened between them she proved to have no class and no respect for the well being of their children. Pray she comes to closure for the kids sake.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (11Th CoMmAnDmEnT: ThOu ShALt NoT bAsH tHe BLaCkMaN!!)

    I’m so tired of divorce stories – don’t get married it you know you’re gonna divorce.. What happened to “till death do us part?”

  • Angee

    I just hope he is not planning on having a lasting relationship with Gabby Union. She will be on to the next one within 6 months, especially if he gets full custody of his children.

    Such a sad story to me, considering their full history.

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  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    yep, as long as there are children are involved, it’s never over.

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    so sad to see Black Families Broken up….Hope Mrs. Wade heart heals.

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  • Adrian

    Even if a prenuptial was not signed, she should get something reasonable. Let’s be honest, greed sets in when there isn’t one. Women can’t get their way with everything. Plus, she’ll get child support anyway.

  • jojo

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy is just gorgeous…. Despite his case. He does look very nice. And all the comments are really to the point.

  • heytheremami

    I feel she and her lawyers were trying to drag this divorce out because she wants some of that free agent money. Bottomline , it doesn’t take almost 3 years to divorce a person. Plus that’s not the 1st time she didn’t show up either. Btw she cant get child support if she doesn’t have custody. She is only entitled to alimony and property.

  • COCO

    Why all this cursing at this women? You don’t know her.Grow up. Now, we can see from all these shows-these men get around. You can’t prove who gave who what disease.Now, she needs to grow up and get her kids back.Regardless, of the money she needs to retain custody of her children. The pic with his mom was funny because what I recall from HIS story,she was never around when he resided with his wife’s family.So, what do you call her? Momma or not.She has made some huge mistakes with her behavior. It is a thin line and I think she has reached that.I believe she has had a nervous breakdown and I wouldn’t return the kids until some serious counseling has been done.From the looks of her missing court,she months to go before they can get her to that point.When she calms down and realises her kids are really gone-she will be put on some depressants-she will go down hill from there.I’ll pray for her.

  • juliemango

    Good for him the judge clearly favoured him, its a shame d x was not present in court!!!

  • Shannon

    Good for him that was one psyhco b*tch. Hopefully he will continue to have his kids, its women like her that gives women a bad name, she is going to use those kids to mess with him.

  • The Dude

    Dwyane Wade is now officially a free man. Hopefully he’s learned a valuable lesson and never marries again. His ex was worthless and disgusting. She’s an ugly bitter b*tch who destroyed her own relationship and any good will there could have been between the two. She clearly had no respect for her children or D-Wade with all of the stuff she was doing before and after he left her.

    It’s good that the divorce happened before he signed the biggest contract of his career, because now she can’t get any of it. Let the b*tch go and spend time with beautiful women that will respect you. Don’t marry them though. For men, there are never any reasons to get married and there are always too many reasons to stay single. F*ck b*tches and keep it moving.

  • jp

    If they wanted me I would squeeze in between and lick both of their rumps. I hate goons because all blacks are goons. I killed Jesus Christ..well my people did…time to lick myself

  • http://klef@tmobile.com LA BABY!!!!

    @Daywalker: Gabby is that u? I mean DAMN, what is your anger about? Did Siohvaughn give u an STD or something? DWade don’t give a f**k about u, so all of your disrespect is pointless. Siohvaughn may not be entitled to any of that 100 milli, but she’ll get something, and u still won’t have sh*t, so go sit down and STFU!! Thank You NEXT!!

  • RAIN

    good for him and Gabby, and congrates to her becaouse atleast they waited until the divorce was final,she fell back and let him take care of his business.Unlike the other two hoe’s we akeys swizzy

  • RAIN

    and Gabby an’t in know hurry to get preggnant either



  • Smurfette

    Rain must be Mashonda. She is on every posts commenting about Akeys. Your azz need to move on! When a man doesn’t want you anymore, what do you do? MOVE ON! DUMMY!

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