Beyonce Drives A Car, Still Can’t Stand Matty “Baby-Daddy” Knowles

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce Knowles is still refusing to speak to her dad and manager, Matthew Knowles, after he fathered a love child with a woman 20 years his junior — and suits at her record label fear the rift could damage her career. The superstar singer was horrified when it was alleged last year that Matthew had an 18-month affair with 38-year-old Alexsandra Wright and DNA tests confirmed he’d fathered her son, Nixon, while still married to Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles.

Now, sources tell Page Six that relations between Beyoncé, who is very close to her mom, and her father have reached such a low point that executives at her label, Columbia, are worried.But one music industry insider said, “Beyoncé was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. Some people at Columbia now think it would be better to move him aside.”

Former “Scrubs” actress Wright filed a paternity suit last October, and a DNA test taken in March confirmed that Knowles was the father of Nixon, who was born on Feb. 4. A judge ordered him to pay $8,200 a month in child support on an interim basis. Wright, a Los Angeles-based branding executive, claimed that Matthew Knowles, who was married to Tina for 29 years, had an affair with her for a year and a half. Tina filed for divorce last November. Wright and Matthew are now in the final stages of negotiating a child support settlement.

Mathew gets no love…dirty dog. But on a lighter note, BeyBey was pictured driving Hubby Hov’s jeep in NYC this weekend.


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    MJ for Life LOng Live the KING #1

  • RihRihthegoatthroat

    Good Beyonce, go on with your life. In time you will find a way to maybe speak again, but he should feel the wrath of what he’s done and I for sure wouldn’t be the one to help pay that child support. Next step is to fire his ass.

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  • RAIN

    well she should not be friends with akeys if she does’nt like homewreckers


    I know how she feels. F*** him that badazz cheater. I hope she gonna fired him!
    Good Luck Beyonce !

  • sholla21

    Matty’s in the doghouse, lol.

    Bee’s hair looks beautiful in that pic.

  • Beyonce Stan

    Beyonce looks Beautiful!!!

  • jojo

    Good for her… dad did tha crap to my mom for years. These type of men dont care for a truly good woman. My mom was nothing but that.. It hurt so bad to see my mommy hurt.

  • shane

    Rain b*tch please go get a life every article that comes on this site you have to add akeys name.The article is about Bey!! I’m starting to think tha you are mAshonda or you work for her. B*tch get a life and move on you are obssessed with akeys!!! (Lol) I feel sorry for your ignorant a** freakin stalker!!

  • jojo

    lol @ shane. Uh oh.

  • Kid Def

    Here we go again, this is just more PUBLICITY masterminded by PIMP DADDY himself. He famously said there is no such thing as bad publicity…this FAKE story does a few things
    1) Gets people talking about Beyonce (and some fools ‘feeling’ sorry for her, they love to make her the victime in everything btw)
    2) Tries to give beyonce some depth for her new album when she steals peoples songs and claims that she wrote them because of what she was going through with her father…

    This is Bogus because
    1) This isn’t Pimp Daddy’s first child out of wedlock, Kelly is and Beyonce was fine with that ‘ secret’
    2) They all know about him and remember Tina already issued the statement that this was mutual and there would be no ‘drama’

    if anything Beyonce is disappointed that the Baby’s momma ain’t gonna let Nixon be her doormat like Kelly’s mom allowed her to be AND that Nixon’s mom got a support order again unlike Kelly’s mom which allowed them to just throw Kelly whatever scraps they wanted to.

    Go Alexsandra take them MOFOS to the cleaners.

  • Kid Def

    She is so fake, people were talking about Rihanna driving so here she has to come,
    go get pregnant like AK copycat, copy that.

  • Pantherbaby

    This is an unfortunate situation to be in because even though Beyonce’s father is her manager and that is business she is very very close to her mother who was probably so hurt about this the best thing to do would be to get another manager and to no longer be in business with her father. Matthew Knowles still has his record company so he would be fine.

  • Pantherbaby

    @Kid def. You are silly! In a bad way.

  • jojo

    Boy rain…….are u the resident black sheep? But yeah…..this is real unfortunate. But I actually heard someone say tina wasnt the best either….but either way no one deserves that….he or she. No one. Its not fair.

  • cool beans

    I love how she thinks that is cool to drive around in an open jeep. he hates her. she is so sniper ready. now pray to god yonce before god begins to despise you. even god can get sick of seeing you every single day.

  • neenee

    I guess Jay will be Beyonce’s new daddy now!

  • Tee

    Okay the mistress was only in 1 episode of Scrubs and this is just a way to clear the lane for Jay Z to finally let the world know that he is already her manager. Jay you are good because as well all know you don’t make a move unless it’s a business move….Peace!

  • Pretty-n-Pink

    Not saying this is ok, but I think they knew about Matty’s infidelities because wasn’t it about several years ago that a lot of her female dancers saying they were uncomfortable with her father’s antics during rehersals? I think Matthew and Tina stayed “married” because they were keeping up appearances for Beyonce’s image. I kinda agree with Kid Def this is for publicity and damage control

  • SimplePleasures

    Kelly is NOT Matthew’s daughter…get a grip Kid Def! She has emphatically denied it AND she looks NOTHING like that man, Bey, or Solange! C’mon son!

    @Rain…Girrrlll, BYE! Beyonce is upset because her mother has been deeply hurt. She is SUPPOSED to be protective over her, you twit! Beyonce is not besties with Mashonda, has no alliance with her whatsoever, so what Akeys and Swizz did ain’t got s.h.y.t. to do with Bey…get your head out of your a.z.z.

    And yes, Beyonce looks GORGEOUS in that pic! As usual!

  • Sabrina

    Jay Z is just tooooo ugly that’s why is being a good boy. That boy is sooo hard on the eyes!

  • AMERIE is better than beyonce

    6/27/10, 11:03:am
    MJ for Life LOng Live the KING #1

    CO-SIGN 1000%

  • NYC Fashionista (SoHo to DELANCY)

    I personally think Beyonce is ugly and she can’t sing very well she tries to hard and it comes accross as screaming and straining her voice.

  • D.

    Life is complicated, I’m quite sure Bey feels disrespect for her mother and all, but I’m quite sure that her daddy loves her and didn’t nean to embarass or hurt her. So what I’m trying to say is that life is too short to not be speaking to your father in whom you love, put it in God’s hand everythang will work itself out.

  • tiffany

    at nyc fashionista homegirl u personally need your eyes check if u think queen bey is ugly beyonce is a pretty woman who is doing her thang

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