*Bossip BET Exclusive* Dru Hill Tells Us They Aint Gay, But Nokio Is Rocking A Sisters Hair Style!?

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip is at the BET Awards right now and had to get these pictures of Nokio from Dru Hill Up… ASAP!

When Dru Hill heard who we were… they immediately yelled out “we ain’t gay!” It took us by surprise, being that Nokio had our little sister’s hairstyle! (Video Coming Soon)

Pop the top for more shots and to see Sisqo’s guilty hairstyle

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  • neen


  • hey heyy

    FIRST yay!

  • Monique G

    ist.. haha

  • Monique G

    That is super gay.. lol

  • ??

    And Angie M. gave this a stamp of approval? well ok then??



  • Aaisha Hajjah

    That hairstyle is atrocious, no it’s hideous and how come didn’t nobody tell him that before he came out of the house looking like that.

  • Joe S

    LMFAO!!! (crying hysterically)

  • ThatsWhatThatIS

    In my Riley voice; those niccas gay!

  • She said it.

    Who cares. I miss performers. No one is performing. Cisco could sing, dance and be a gentleman. Who does that now? No one. I don’t care if they all get married in San Francisco to the men in their life…..just make some good music.

  • jojo

    Ummm. Wow….typical.

  • B3 Fearless

    Nokio isn’t gay.

    Although that ugly hairstyle would make you think otherwise.

    The only one in the group who is not hetero is Sisqo – he’s bi.

    I only know that because he used to date my best friend’s male cousin years ago.

  • B3 Fearless

    @She said it

    You’re telling the truth. It’s sad image & looks is put on a pedastal over talent.

  • Jessica

    First I must say, I love Sisqo to death
    But Nokio is gay af, idgaf what he say or what Dru Hill all together says, THAT n.igga is gay

  • nywoman23

    maybe its that little sister that has nokia’s hairstyle that keeps messing around with the site? just a thought

  • anonya

    NOKIO IS NOT GAY….I will save my groupie tales for another site just TRUST he is straight or at least he was back in 2003 lol…I agree w/ poster who said we need real performers again…don’t trip crip

  • F U

    Well maybe they should STOP acting like they are! When men act fruity and sweet like Prince we are supposed to believe they are straight and that’s that but women who act and dress gay are just gay. SMH. THOSE FOOLS ARE SWEET! STOP THE BS.

  • http://lovinghermadly.blogspot.com/ lemonjelly

    What in the hell…his stupid azz is hurting my soul.

  • boss

    I aint taking they sides or nothing, but dont Prince wear those same hairstyles and nobody saying Prince gay

  • I Failed Rock Star 101

    When he was with Angie he did not look like this. WTF happened! I actually thought he was the cutest in the group. Didn’t have a crush on him, but thought he looked better than the others in his group.

  • Educated Goon

    I dont know if bruh is gay or not (the one with the hair)..

    But he settin himself up to be single.. I dont know any black women who would deal with that type of foolishness….

    Bruh looks real suspect…. He is under investigation.

  • Jojo

    Boss…..u are soooo right sir. Prince was way over the top with that whole dressing up like women deal. But yet all the ladies and men were at his feet.

  • !!!!!


  • B3 Fearless

    Ok Prince has had that same style since the 80s at a time where he wasn’t the only one wearing some things that were effeminate.

    But today there are clearly forms of fashion that will fit the stereotype of a straight man vs. a gay one.

  • Getem

    The afterparty was horrible. I didn’t know Taraji was so ghetto. I was embarrassed for her. Diddy and the other hosts were not any better.

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