Nia Long And Larenz Tate Relive Love Jones In 2010

- By Bossip Staff

Nia Long and Larenz Tate looked like theybhaven’t aged a bit while sharing their on-screen chemistry from Love Jones for the audience at the BET Awards.

Flip the script for more images of Nia, Larenz, and others from the show…

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  • Tonyaisfierce

    They was holding hands the whole night back stage.

  • dee

    Larenz can get…all night(chris brown voice)

  • Yvonne

    I think it was cute… They both look great too. Stay beautiful “ESSENCE OF SILK” Silk & satin pillowcases & hair wraps…

  • Vicki

    Yes!! Love Jones is my all time favorite. Love these two and they both look damn good!!!

  • Jojo

    To whoever made the weave comment….thats very true. Short hair is truly in style.. But yet all these women opt for weaves with all kinds of crazy colors. And most of the time its looks fake.. Just ghetto.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    they all look good with larenz’s short a$$ lol

  • ShawnM

    This was my favorite part of the whole show!.. Nia Long looked beautiful as always, and my boo Larenz looked very handsome! Love these two!

  • rain

    nia long looked beautiful ,i love larenz,nicky minaj no no

  • jonesn4LOVE

    Larenz Tate looked fine as hell! . Nia was gorg too!

  • soulwoman

    Who cares what the style is? If a person want to rock short hair, wear short hair. If they like long, that’s their business. If they like weave, so be it.

    Anyway, Larenz and Nia look great.

  • Can I borrow a dollar?


  • Cj

    HEY NIA…Can I play sumthing for you? PLEEEEZZEEE?

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    I just think Nia Long is just so absolutely beautiful & gorgeous… Always have and always will…

  • tb

    Nia is beautiful….

  • Boj Oil "Better Than Lotion"

    They both still like really good
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    strawberry scent you will LOVE….

  • uptowngirl

    Lorenz is fine as hell. Damn!

  • cdawnoflight

    I agree with uptowngirl… That man is still fine… He has a lucky wife…

  • sheezdatruth

    Nia looked so damn good!! Damn girl thats right and rep for the brownskinned beauties. Nicki one word WHY??? …larenz did look good as hell.

  • It's Me

    Lorenze looking like he wanna pipe her azz down…

  • sheezdatruth

    okay what does it matter @it’s Me…someone is on there rag today pop a midol and shut it

  • BayAreaChick

    LOVE HIM!!!

  • Barbiekilla Fivethousand

    Nicki is simply a no talent! smoke-no smoke, mic-no mic, talent-TALENTLESS!

    Nicki is a Kool-Aid wig wearing joke!

    youtube-Barbie Killa 5000

  • lt

    i love those too.

  • Lee

    If this were a different world we would have a sequel to Love Jones, or at least another love story with these two.

  • dfiestyone

    Nia is simply beautiful!!!! Gorgeous!!! I love her!!!! Larenz is still fine as hell as well!!! They both look very young!!!
    @2Dimplz- I agree with you 300%!!!

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