Howard Stern: Jada & Will Smith’s Marriage Business Plan Is Full Of Sh*zzz And Will Smith Speaking Ebonics To Be Relatable Is Ignorant

- By Bossip Staff

Howard Stern and his little coon puppet Robin have decided to share their two cents on Jada and Will Smith’s Oprah interview. This dude is getting worse than Bill O’ Reilly and it’s all for ratings.

Howard Stern: It’s annoying to hear Oprah kissing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s a$$ and those little kids a$$… He jumps in between ebonics, “He do what she say.” I guess he wants to be relatable to the rap community like Snoop Dogg and so…


Howard Stern Part 1:

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Howard Stern Part 2:

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  • Clarkekent3000

    Howard Stern was the only white kid at Roosevelt HS on Long Island and he recounts getting his azzed kicked daily by the brothers….Methinks a little suppressed hate.

  • OMG

    So, you say that you can’t speak “english” with a side of flavor? Really?!

  • OMG

    By the way, their plan for their marriage and kids is working. That is why they are suggested to write a book. If you don’t have a plan (Howard) don’t be surprised when it does not work. HATERATION! Rap community, really?

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Howard and Robin sound bitter and envious!! Yeah they are two “big” beings who are doing “big” things!! Why hate? A beautiful, rich, successful black couple, of course there are elements of society that won’t take well to them!! Robin should be ashamed of her blatant dumbness!!

  • Honut Sinti

    @ OMG. Love your snap post!

  • smh

    howard stern is a racist no better then glenn beck they all like to say off the wall crazy thing about rich prominent black people who make millions just to score some cheap ratings
    jada is from baltimore the real ghetto and will is from philly both of them grew up in urban settings so of course they still use slang
    just because you get some money dont mean your suppose to be acting like a uppity house negro (like his house negro(robin)
    black women like he make my skin crawl
    anywayz howard is soooooo done with his ratings are nowhere where they used to be because no one wants to hear his looney racist rants he is cornery

    he is only as relevant as you make him so please dont even post about this big nose ostrich looking SOB

    • clayton

      how could any person respect your opinion when you are clearly uneducated. in your short post i can count at least ten grammatical errors. you could not possibly have the capacity to understand anything howard has to say

  • Keep it Real

    6/28/10, 16:07:pm
    Howard Stern was the only white kid at Roosevelt HS on Long Island and he recounts getting his azzed kicked daily by the brothers….Methinks a little suppressed hate.

    The white kids would have also kicked his azz. He’s on of those dude’s who talks shyt but can’t back it up

  • OMG!!!!!!!!

    who is this bootleg OMG on here! I DEMAND U CHANGE YOUR NAME NOW!

  • wildcherry666

    Howard stern is just another jealous jew, who hates on successful black people. People like stern are upset that a black man became president before a jew. First of all Will Smith is from philly. He is one of the few black men other than Denzel who became successful in Hollywood and still never forgot his roots. Howard Stern is a washed up has been. Robyn is an embarrasement to black women.

  • whateva

    Howard always talks about people who are larger than himself and his ego and Robin just cackles away and agrees. This is nothing new.

  • Trice

    Someone please go on his show and slap the taste out of racist mouth! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

  • Menominee_Nation

    Will and Jada may reek a little of effort but has anyone seen Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent?


    Hippy outdated Howard and his uncle Tom side kick, Robin, need to STFU! They are both losers joint to the hip and making white people look more dumb by the minuet.


    By the way, I didn’t waste my time listening because they both have nothing worthwhile to say.

  • dm

    Howard stopped being relevant when he went to pay-radio (Sirius).

  • sindel

    i can’t even listen, will smith and jada are disgusting.

  • Subterfuge

    While Howard and Robin sometimes talk out of their asses, I will agree that Will Smith and his broad are pompous. Almost insufferable actually. There is nothing real about these two. Hollyweirded and scientologied out.

    I used to really like Will as both an actor and a rapper way back when. You know he lost his mind Tom Cruise style… All hail warlord Xenu!

  • SoWhat

    Why do white people get so upset about us speaking “ebonics”? Will grew up in W Philly and that’s how we speak amongst OUR friends and family. When Will is in a business meeting, I doubt he speaks that way. I bet Howard understood what he said. Howard is entitled his opinion, but the Smiths are rich and successful and their kids ain’t asking him for shit! He thinks his shtick is funny, but it’s really quite juvenile.

  • willy b hardigan

    Actually he became irrelevant when he continuously cried about opie and anthony makin fun of him years and years ago

  • nolikeyIgnoramuses

    bbbbwwaaaahahahahahah Howard Stern is SO Salty!!! They spend so much time talking about their use of the word “beings”. Ummm actually a lot of people who are spiritual always talk about their beings, Howard. Many people are always on the quest of becoming greater or higher beings, i.e. in search of enlightenment, although the paths they choose might be different. So…you fail Stern and your ignorance and bitterness shone through in that part alone.

    And they are trying to say the smiths are conceited because they referred to themselves are “big beings?”, again…FAIL. Will and Jada are one of the few people that always support black events, even for award shows like the BET awards. A lot of other so called Black A-listers stop attending the BET awards when they rise to half the level they have risen to, when it was BET that have them spot light in the first place. Their presence is always felt at the NAACP awards too e.t.c.

    Of course they are not perfect, it would be stupid to assume such. I definitely will not buy any marriage help book from them either, as I always feel what works for two individuals would not be the same for me. After all, I will never be in their line of work e.t.c. However you have to give credit where credit is due. These two folks built up their empire from the ground up without forgetting where they came from. I admire that, in all their flaws and presumed “craziness”. I am happy to read the comments of some other posters as well. Way to support your own.

    As per Robin, It is clear she is just one of those people that will roast her family for a handsome paycheck. SMDH.

  • nolikeyIgnoramuses

    Narcissistic because they referred themselves as “Big Beings”????….lol…I really hate the word “Hater” but if there was ever a time to label someone as a Hater…it is laughable man…so laughable.

  • nolikeyIgnoramuses

    and then saying you wish someone’s kids become drug addicts or failures later in life is just in extreme poor taste irregardless of whether it was meant as a joke or not. Okay I am done.

  • Jenn

    If Tom Cruise spoke this way about his daughter everyone would jump down his crazy a** throat. I’m sorry but “being in service to your greatnessand blah blah blah….” It’s too much and they’re obviously on some other ish.

  • SitTheF*ck Down

    THE GRASS ISN’T GREENER PEOPLE [or should I say “ain’t greener”???]

    Will & Jada DON’T have me fooled with their righteousness & perfectionism. If they are truly happy, great. but they are in NO position to coach other people on how to live their lives. They live better that 98% of the people that look up to them. Will & Jada have never experienced adulthood as the average American BLACK FAMILY. On top of that, they are PIMPING their own kids to make money, like they need more money!!!

    Crying. Damn. Shame.

  • Gymo

    He’s got a point I cringe inside whenever I hear Ebonics, and I immediately move that person to the bottom of my “smart people list”.
    Will Smith who I admire needs to realize that he needs to set an example of success for the young one, so they respect the proper use of the English language, you boss will demand it or just hire a White guy to be the front office guy.

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