L-Boogie Discusses Her Music Hiatus, Passion For Her Craft, And Her Future

- By Bossip Staff

Is Lauryn Hill planning a comeback?

As Lauryn Hill has stepped out of hiding, the former member of The Fugees reveals where she has been and why she decided to step away from music. Continue…

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  • cruzan trini

    Please come back, I miss REAL music!

  • GymCamelToe

    Hope she’s stable

  • LaDiva

    This is what the music industry needs; real talent. Tired of those gimmick artists that contribute nothing to music.
    Lauryn’s album is still on heavy rotation in my house…

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    its good to see artists like lauren actaully stepping back from music because of good reasons, she wont dare let anybody take her style of music and turn it into mainstream junk and she takes care of her family even if it means not putting an album out kudos to her for doing her and i hope she releases something soon because i love her work

  • MsJae

    I wish she would make a comeback so these bubblegum rappers like niki minaj can become non exsitant

  • Detroit

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss Lauyrn……Show these so-called hip hop artist what real hip hop is all about. The baddest lyricist to ever hold the mic.

  • A Lauren Hill Citing « WNEW – B106.3

    […] A Lauren Hill Citing share view thumbnails 1 of 1 L-Boogie Discusses Her Music Hiatus, Passion For Her Craft, And Her Future […]

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER BUUUUDDDAATTT!!!!

    Spoken like a virtuous young beautiful black woman…Take notes!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo

    Please Lauren, come back and show these industry puppets how it’s really done.






  • old skool tv

    love this woman!

  • Reality

    A real wise and blessed black woman. Raising her children properly, forgive her antics most of the times trying raising four children they will drive you bonkers lol. Talented like the young and heavenly Whitney Houston.

  • Reality

    Dear Lord and pray for Lauryn Hill, I also plead the blood of your loving son Jesus over her spirit body and soul. Protect her and keep her wise, bless her abundantly more than she can even think or imagine, bless me too, and her family aswell. Also I pray for Whitney houston protect and bless her heal and provide for our singing heavenly queen, also for Toni Braxton, our now once again Mariah carey, Gill Scott and Erykah Badu, let them find your salvation and love, Holy Ghost comfort all above mentioned and bring a message for the new black generation, for they are following foreign cultures that are not their own. Let them find you and truth, all my prayers in Jesus’s name Amen.

  • Reddy

    I miss you Lauryn!!!

    Now the joy
    of my world
    is in Zion!!!!!

  • nywoman23

    she needs to stay out of the industry b4 she sells herself. go take care of ur kids raise them.

  • Mz Ferrari


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