Some Morning Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Coco and her “100% Authentic” donk was spotted on the beach in Miami. Check out the frontal view when you…Continue…

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  • LaDiva

    Ehhhh another pair of azzcheeks on display…moving on.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    coco was being interviewed and of course was asked about her a$$ being fake. she said no and said something about when she got old it wouldn’t look the same. wouldn’t that apply to her chest as well?? i can’t lie, she looks good but i’ve seen “before” pictures of her and there’s no way…

  • SMH



  • drenk

    unless she’s in hustler or s.wa.n.k. im bored of her

  • tommykimon

    @ Robert I think there is a huge difference between hair and nails which are removable and butt implants. But hey that’s my opinion. What are black woman jealous for? I have a real round big butt.

  • rene

    yes she has a nice body, I hope they are on a private beach ,if not, she is selfish and thinks about no one but her self. I hope kids are not around.

  • southern twist

    I knew it was about time for this ghetto mud duck to resuface! stop jocking this 40+ xcuss me 50+ rat.. keep it moving

  • southern twist


    noone is hating on her …. ice t a legend gtf out of here !

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    @ robert must be new around these parts. women on this site are constantly complimenting females that look good so i don’t know where you are getting the jealousy from because someone dared say something about your precious, white coco. but since you must think i’m being hateful for pointing out the obvious go to and click on her name. let me guess – you would still hit that good, white pu$$y anyway right…

  • Lisa Wilson

    I guess her and Lola Luv are twins!!! LOL

  • Robert

    @thatdamnshitpusher I would hit that without hesitation.White,Asian,Latina.I would do it all.Older women know how to take care of a man.Don,t want no horse hair

  • diane

    Where is all the animosity from the men on this site coming from? A sister merely made her opinion known…just like everyone else, and then the criticism starts coming from Becky loving black men. Who cares what you like? And this so called rap artist legend should be ashamed of himself for co-signing for his wife to go in public looking like the back side of a big white horse. Black women are no longer trying to hear all these put downs coming from intimidated men. Go play with your Barbie dolls and leave us alone. We got plenty that DO!

  • Sandra

    more pics of coco austin in this chatroom under w.w.w.coldtube.c.o.m

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