Some Morning Preciousness

- By Bossip Staff

Nothing like a little Mommy and me time for Melanie Brown and her youngest daughter Angel Iris Murphy! Pop the hood for another shot of Mel signing Angel out of her Discovery School classroom along with photos of Heidi Klum and baby Lou and J.Lo toting her twins around Miami

So cute! Those kids are all living the sweet life.

Fame Pictures/WENN/Bauer Griffin

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  • Butterscotch™

    They are all cute kids. Love seeing children that look happy!


    You know, speaking of which, I sure wish they would bring back ‘Woody Woodpecker’…

  • LaDiva

    Aww so cute..
    Ooh Heidi’s son has the same complexion skin as my son.

  • Femininity

    Looney Toon Mel needs her azz beat for leaving her house w/that kids hair looking so unkempt. Trifling, lazy behind could have at least combed it, braided it, or something.

    Heidi and her daughter look cute, can’t see J Lo’s kids very well, but J looks good, too.

  • Ms Voun

    Cutie Pies

  • LuvN_Life

    All the babies pictured above are Sooooo cute!”
    Angel’s hair is fine the little girl probably likes her hair that way
    when kids are that Age they have their own personalities and wanna dress themselves and looK how they want to,she’s adorable

  • HF

    Mel B is fine, and the kid is cute and all, but…

    ..y is the kid’s hair like dat?

    The child looks just like her daddy doing a Buckwheat skit back in the day.

    “Wookin’ pa nub…”

  • Elana

    Mel B needs to hire someone to do, or show her how to do Angel’s hair. Children have it hard enough without there parents deliberately trying to make them look unusual.

  • JJ

    She always make sure she look good but lets her kids walk around like tramps, selfish.

  • Rubie

    @LaDiva that’s her daughter… All kids are cute… Jlo kids looks just like there daddy shessshhh my god…

  • LaDiva

    @ Rubie

    Lmfao woops my bad, i thought that was a boy but yup that’s the color of my son’s skin.
    And I’m sorry God, but J-lo’s kids are nothing to brag home about…

  • what is that?


  • Bored-with-it-all

    That dry mohawk is dumb as hell and that little girl could give a hoot about the fashion statement…she trying to be a kid and play and her mama got her in a sweaty hairdo….braid that ish up so that baby can play comfortable and not look a ragged mess.

  • Ms. Richardson

    Ms. Brown is UNFIT!!!! I could see if the child wanted to wear her hair like this……..Thank god she didn’t have a boy, What the hell would he look like.

  • Curious1 aka Pretty Girl Swag: Who do I have to SLEEP with to get a real post posted up around here?

    Makes no day’em sense for Mel to keep her hair together then let her kid walk around with her hair all “jacked up”…MelB is appearing to be one Vain Se;f centered Mother…like keeping her DTR looking worse so she can appear to look better…Her and that other DTR of hers..Uh-Mel..stop being conceited and focus on your lil girl Eddies DTR..and don’t have her walking around like some “Pickaninny Barbie”…

    all that money..gimme a break…

    Heidi’s hair looks Flucked Up…looks like a Straw Hat…that kid has Seal Scroungy face…wow….hhhmmm

  • Curious1 aka Pretty Girl Swag: Who do I have to SLEEP with to get a real post posted up around here?

    Otherswise..Lil Angel…is CUTE as a Button…adorable…and alwasy smiling..She’s a cutie tootie

  • Whatev

    Lou still has time but right now she is a cross betw adorable Johan and “unique” Henry.

  • kay

    @ LaDiva
    heidi’s last child is a girl, lou is a girl not a boy

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