Some 4th Of July Swirl

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian and her new lover Miles Austin are still loving it up in New York City, but this time they have the whole entire Kardashian/Jenner/Odom clan with them. Must be filming for that reality show of theirs.

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  • Keisha

    who is she again?

  • TastesMinty2010

    Hopefully things will work out with her new love. She rebounded pretty fast but nevertheless I’m glad she moved on from the Bush.

  • im tired

    the Illuminati at its finest!

  • alisha

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about kardashian/odom,bush,miller,yada,yada,abc,123,etc. To me every black man that the kardashians are with always look like little puppies who always follow their biyotch!! And I honestly would like someone to please, please tell me why kim was immortalized in wax? I can understand when mae west or marilyn moroe were immortalized, At least those hoes made a contribution to society in terms of their creativity.

  • kimona

    she got her a light and bright. he looks okay. i miss seeing her with reggie.

  • kimona

    Khole has the weirdest shape!

  • It's Me

    O well on to the next one. Since he is not totally black he would wife her… Good for him, just glad Reggie didn’t do it…

    Hey Reg you get your players club membership back…Here ya go playa

  • keepingitreal

    is this news? wtf

  • popyuasd


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  • Afrika

    lol @ all the insecure and bitter black women in this post. LMAO!!!!!

  • conceitedcutey

    and kim moved on soooo fast, i know she can’t be single forever but damn at least keep the new relationship low key until you’ve been together for a year or so. if kim and miles break up soon she will just end up looking like the industry jump off

  • tommy

    I’m not a Black Woman but I still don’t like what she’s doing. Are we suppose to believe that she just happens to fall in love with another football player? I don’t think so. I’m sure the white footballers wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

  • SexyB

    She went from reggie to this I thought she would have upgraded oh well if we didn’t know Miles before I guess we will get to know him now








  • heavenhollywood

    @afrika i co sign if these black women on here was more worried about themselves instead of worrying about non black women and who black men date they wouldn’t be alone. civil rights? move on already. i am good. I went out and grabbed life by the balls, got my own business so i can make my own rules and i didn’t do it by trying to give black people a pass or condemning all whites. I did it with the intelligence and smarts that my african american parents gave me. I am tired of Blacks blaming white people for alll their problems and blaming Non black women and black men for their reason of being alone,bitter and mad. Bye Bit.. Bye get over it and go out their and do what Kim and others are doing. if you don’t like the way she did it? do it another way, stop hating and worry about yourself Kim keep doing your thing with ur fine ass

  • conceitedcutey


    damn stop stalking kim. No sane, normal person should know that much about her. Kim is who she is but stop trying to golrify her. she can sing ,dance or act. She is famous for laying on her back. Nothing more and nothing less

  • heavenhollywood

    @caramelcookie if reggie saw the light he wouldn’t have tried to get back with her after the first break up and again called her when she found out she was dating Miles. reggie if you don’t want her move on let the next brother get a crack haaa Reggie said he didn’t like the limelight well here you go reggie now nobody is talking about you anymore lmao . let’s face it since he has been in the NFL the only reason you were seeing reggie was because he was with KIm. What would be the reason for us to talk about a 3rd string running back? lmao he even admittted white people were coming up to him saying ” aren’t you Kim’s boyfriend lmaolmao hahahahaha

  • conceitedcutey

    kim k has a banging dress sense. i might look at what she’s wearing for some style tips but my adoration for her stops there. kids stay in school, you can be successful without laying on your back for a famous man. It’s sad that young women idolise her, stay in school kids

  • heavenhollywood

    @conceitedcutey ahhhh SHADDDUP lmao Stalking her because i know facts? well Kim is not the only person i know facts on when you deal with celebrity investments on a high level you know everyones endorsement deals so that has nothing to do with stalking nice try

  • Kim Kardashian’s Some 4th Of July Swirl… to be continued. |

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  • heavenhollywood

    ” laying on her back for a famous man? rotflmao ray-j? rotflmao If anything she could have picked Tom cruise, terrell owens, usher Diddy 50 all of them were more famous then Ray-j middle aged white america doesn’t even know who ray-j is what are you talking about But i deal with investors and owners trying to book Kim and the kardashians every week and most of them are white. So famous Ray J? Ray was known before he is famous and got that dating show for only one reason KIM

    proof Now that Ray j is done with dating shows His new family reality show isn’t doing so well his dating show was number 1. Kim now 3 years after ray-j is still number one reality show TRUMPED

  • heavenhollywood

    here is a question. i would be willing to bet that 98% of the women on here hating on Kim are either broke, on welfare,ugly fat or all or some of the above. I never see anyone on here that looks incredible got a incredible job and a good life hating on Kim kardashian. Most of ya’ll have no pic lmao or your ugly and not secure with yourself. Go do you and let that woman do her lmao that’s why you are in the position your in now .. I don’t hate that’s why im blessed ya deeg


    @heavenhollywood: I cosign for conceitedcutey.. You do seem to know an awful lot about kim and even reggie but thanks for the info. But Dang baby, you real intense about kim huh!

    @conceitedcutey: lmao

  • conceitedcutey

    Kim was unknown until the tape leaked. Face it, i don’t have time to go back and forth about kim k but like I sad, stay in school kids.

    @ CARAMELCOOKIE thanks hun, i know you feel me


    did u just mention ugly and fat??? are you serious??? lmaooo… like i said, black men if you are NOT attractive black women are NOT checking for you

    later peeps

  • conceitedcutey

    And if you have stalkerish tendencies the first step to recovery is to admit it, then seek help

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