Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Baby, Wears Extra-Medium Shirts

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like all the man-whoring has caught up to him:

Cristiano Ronaldo set off fireworks of his own on July Fourth when the Real Madrid soccer star declared on Twitter he had a love child with an unidentified woman.

But one fan who seemed unfazed by the news was Ronaldo’s Russian model girlfriend of six months, Irina Shayk, who, according to sources, is not the mother of the newborn.
The couple spent a romantic Fourth of July weekend together in New York City, Ronaldo’s first trip to the Big Apple. On Friday, the day after his son was born, Ronaldo hung out with Shayk at the Four Seasons hotel bar. Then on Saturday, the couple were spotted cuddling around the pool and taking pictures at Soho House. Also, they were seen taking a romantic helicopter ride around the city and dining at Da Silvano yesterday.

Cristiano knows he is dead a$s wrong for that young behind shirt. His new little baby will be able to fit that joint in a minute.

Pics of them at DaSilvano below:

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  • drenk

    wow i didnt know a mans @$$ could get pregnant,

  • I love white guys

    whos the mother? WOW

  • She's Nicole

    Ronaldo = Overrated.

    I have seen better looking people in the Australian and Ghanaian team.

  • chaka1

    He’s ok…

  • chaka1

    @she’s nicole

    You are right. That team from ghana has some nice beef on it…

  • leslie

    The claims are that his baby is from a surrogate. He is gay and people will know soon.

  • Nicole The Nympho: Leela James' Album Is Great!

    lol @ the title XD

  • jiangleia

    My friend told me . It’s where many highly successful people are in search of someone for a quality relationship in their life, the same as you:)

  • attorney sc

    He may have used a surrogate because he didnt want to just knock up anyone who could get attached and then ask for child support.

    Also, why would his girlfriend be phased? It obviously happened before her. It takes longer than the 6 months they’ve been dating to bake a baby.

  • sean


  • Virginia News

    @attorney sc, please re-read @ok.

    ‘straight guys don’t use surrogates’. Indeed. It goes against all of biology. If a man wants a child to raise by himself (and why would he want that?), why bother using a turkey baster and/or a petri dish when he’s got a perfectly good flesh instrument and can get the pleasure of some po.on in the process?

    The only man able to get away with that is Michael Jackson……. and even he claimed to have done the dirty do with Debbie Rowe!!! The damage control is already working in overtime trying to claim that this woman was a one night stand, and that he’s paying her to shut up. None of this is normal, except if Cristiano is gay. Nothing wrong with being gay. Lots wrong being gay and using women as beards.

    I’m just peeved he tried to use Kim Kardashian to cover his backside. He wants a man there, no point in dragging a woman over when he’s really of the ‘ugh, fish’ mindset.

  • Virginia News

    Last post: Irina Shayk is the new Shannon Elizabeth. But how many of you chicks are *still* going to claim that a man can’t possibly be gay if he’s ‘dating’ a woman, like y’all argued in the Armani ad thread?

  • samech

    I knew it was only a matter of time before some thirst chick pokes a hole in the condom…..his mom must be furious!!!! – you know she run things!!!! He also likes girls with brown hair- his track record is sick…..still love him though….

  • samech

    SIDEBAR>>>>>>Germany better NOT win the World Cup!!!! I can’t believe they sent Argentina home, poor Messi. They were sooooo close, closer than Portugal (CR). I can’t believe Brazil when home before Argentina. France = a joke! England = overrated. All my teams are out.

    Go Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • team ghana

    @ samech co-sign!

  • drenk

    @ real black is chocolate

    its been a while since your last angry post, wehre you been?

  • Meela

    I loooovve Kevin Prince on the team from Ghana.

    Excuse me I have to change my p.a.n.t.i.e.s.

  • samech


  • 1991 UK

    Spain is going to win the world cup just look at their team…even the reserved team is good. I knew Holland was going to do well especially with Van Persie (they better take out Uruguay)
    the only team i was surprised about was Argentina smh

    how is this fool going to raise child i heard he want full custody of the child a baby can not look after a baby

  • z

    the baby is NOT a “love child”, he paid an unidentified American woman to be bore him a child- they didn’t even have sex!

  • Brother Man

    Americans. Wouldn’t know fashion if it slapped u in the face. If he’s not swriling, he’s a fairy. Y’all are rubbish

  • Robert

    NO straight man uses a surrogate, most straight men don’t even know what a surrogate is. Christiano doesn’t spark me as the intelligent type either.

    This is the problem with those white dudes they dress funny. That shirt is dumb small, looks like he got it from a kindergarten store.

    I putting that this dude is a hom0

  • z

    he’s not american, he’s portuguese.


    real black has been busy trying to find the white man who ran off whiute his girl must be the only reason he is this angry because he is a fool


    damn what happened to “with” it turned into whiute time to get offline for today

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