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Here they go AGAIN… Tamar Braxton reignited a decade-old beef when she seemingly shaded K. Michelle about artists “who should not have been singing country Black music.” Tamar denied it, but K clapped back with a reminder she stays on giddy-up go, ready to “slap” a hater. Jesus, take the reigns!

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Over the weekend, Tamar shared her appreciation for Beyoncé and Cowboy Carter during an interview on the We Sound Crazy podcast. The shade slingin’ singer went from love and praise to throwing shade at other singers who have no business in the genre.

The baby Braxton sister refused to put a name on it, but she didn’t hold back either in the now-viral clip. An X (formerly Twitter) user called her out in the caption, writing: “So Tamar giving Beyoncé her flowers but in the same breath shading K. Michelle? Now when K takes it to Sesame Street she gone start crying.”

“There was a couple of people who should not have been singing country Black music…that was awful. And it was concerning for me,” she said, unprovoked.

“I’m not trying to be funny. It just didn’t sound good,” she added about Black artists making sure they come correct to “represent” us in other genres.

Check out the full We Sound Crazy podcast episode with Tamar Braxton below.


Of course, fans assumed she was talking about her former nemesis K. Michelle, who also returned to her country roots after R&B success. When a fan defended Tamar, saying, “Neither wants to revisit that,” she quoted to double down on the denial about shading K.

“I absolutely was not!! I said a FEW artists!” she clarified.

“There are people who i don’t address n don’t mention/shade to keep mess away… where was all this chatter when my song went #1. I mind my business and go to work.”

If you say so, sis, but K didn’t seem to believe it either.

Phil Thornton, one of the hosts of the We Sound Crazy podcast, also jumped in to defend Tamar and claimed that the media was pitting the artists against each other.


K. Michelle Claps Black Online In A “Muppet” Most Wanted Melee

The Love Hard Tour: Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, K. Michelle - New Orleans, LA

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The yodeling champ entered the chat to address her former foe about testing her. K. Michelle claimed she was minding her country girl business when she got dragged into the drama, but she’s with all the smoke.

“Imagine you keep playing with someone who’s minding the business, then BOOM. They sick of you. One tweet and screenshot and it’s over 4ya,” she Tweeted on Sunday.

“I don’t pull stunts Raggedy Ann, I pull cards,” she continued. “Loud Cackling hyena. How many times are you going to keep calling for something you can’t handle upon its arrival? Huh Janice?” she asked with a picture of a Muppet with a 613 center part bustdown.

K. quickly calmed it back down to focus on peace, positivity, and “singing these songs. She also seemingly reminded Tamar that she could “go there” again for old time’s sake.

“I’ve grown, I’ve healed, but I’m not weak. Leave me alone. I’ll turn the other cheek but I’ll slap yours first,” K concluded.

That’s not quite what Big Sandals said, but close enough!

Tamar Braxton Reacts To K. Michelle’s Clapback: “I Only Want Beef With The Devil”

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The “Notice Me” singer clearly got K. Michelle’s attention whether she secretly meant to or not. Tamar cleared the air one more time, explaining that she’s never scared to put a name on it.

“I wasn’t speaking about you. I would have said your name. I was speaking of country “black” music that I have heard before that I didn’t enjoy. I wish you the best on all your future endeavors. I only want to beef with the devil. The End,” Tamar wrote.

Does it ever really end between these two? If Tamar dragging Kandi Burruss’ name into it is any indication, then probably not.

The backlash about “backpedaling” must have really gotten to Tamar because she hopped back online after “#movingon.” She reiterated that if she wanted to talk about somebody, she’d call them out by name like saying Kandi couldn’t sing.

“Kandi didn’t catch a stray,” Tamar responded to the comments on her live. “What are you going to do to me? Nothing! I don’t fight I don’t do violence.”

We get it, Tamar! The reality TV queen isn’t a “punk a** b***h,” but for someone who swore off doing RHOA, this would be a perfectly shady audition for that peach.


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