The NAACP Says Stop Jailing Blacks And Let Them Smoke Kush!

- By Bossip Staff

The NAACP said they got 5 on a dime sack of that killer Kush. Well, not really. But they did say that marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Pop it to see their unusual reasoning for the legalization of marijuana.

The NAACP recently announced their “unconditional endorsement” of recreational marijuana use. They claim legalization will stop the system from using current marijuana laws to criminalize black people.

According to a just-released study by the Drug Policy Alliance, blacks are far more likely to be arrested for pot possession than whites — even though statistically, blacks use marijuana at lower rates than whites. The Alliance, a national advocacy group, favors treatment rather than arrest or imprisonment for people suffering from drug dependency.

At a press conference at the California NAACP’s Sacramento headquarters, the group’s president, Alice Huffman, portrayed marijuana laws as a means of criminalizing young black men. She was joined by several other African-America leaders, including Aubry Stone, president of the California Black Chamber of Commerce, and Neil Franklin of the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

“It is time for them to stop using my community to fill the prisons,” Huffman said. “Once you get into the system, the next time you get arrested, they bump you up [to more serious charges].”

Defendants are usually given a summons that “looks like a traffic ticket,” the report noted. They’re not given a public defender, and usually end up paying a fine that can add up to hundreds of dollars. But afterwards, these people have officially pleaded guilty to a drug offense. This, in turn, shows up on criminal databases and can come up years later when, for instance, the person applies for a job.

“For young, low-income African-Americans and Latinos – who use marijuana less than young whites, and who already face numerous barriers and hurdles – a criminal record for the ‘drug crime’ of marijuana possession can seriously harm their life chances,” the report said.

The study also found that total marijuana arrests have gone up, even while overall crime and arrest rates have been going down. There were more than 60,000 arrests for marijuana possession in California in 2008, according to the report, compared to 20,000 in 1990. These arrest records come from the U.S. Government’s FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Arrests for “youth of color” rose four times faster than that, from 3,100 in 1990 to 16,300 in 2008. The study found that blacks and Latinos make up 44 percent of California’s population, but 56 percent of marijuana possession arrests. This was despite the fact that whites were slightly more likely than blacks to have had used marijuana in the past month; whites were about 50 percent more likely than Latinos to have used the drug in the preceding month.

It is a shame that blacks are disproportionately jailed for weed possession. Smoking weed is one thing, but getting caught is another. We don’t smoke (spooky side eye) but we have some advice for you smokers. Wear a seat belt on your way to cop your trees, have a valid license and registration on your whip a and take your dumb a** home to smoke. That should help reduce the number of blacks jailed.


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  • drenk


  • drenk

    @ The Beast 1123

    i feel like gettin buffalo wings, then eating them with blue cheese

  • Hannibal


  • Kristina

    The government would be so smart to just legalize weed and tax it. It puts drug dealers out of business, the extra tax money can go towards schools, roads, whatever, and it saves us tax payers money by not having to pay for these folks to be in prison. But of course that’s just my opinion.

  • sunflower

    Jail time for small amounts is not necessary and usage is not unique to us. I worked with a lot of “others” most of which academics and they smoke as much if not more -they love that nose candy too. I was totally suprised

  • Sydney™

    ““For young, low-income African-Americans and Latinos – who use marijuana less than young whites, and who already face numerous barriers and hurdles – a criminal record for the ‘drug crime’ of marijuana possession can seriously harm their life chances,” the report said.”

    Pardon my naiveté, but wouldn’t it be just as easy to NOT use or possess marijuana? If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.

  • sunflower

    “Were academics”.

  • http://* Kristina

    Oh, and I’m not surprised one bit that white people use marijuana more than blacks. Society just loves to paint black folks as drug smoking thugs, when in reality it’s white people that do drugs more as a whole. By the way, if you wanna smoke weed, keep your a.$.$. at home and do it in private, stop carrying that stuff around with you.

  • It's Me

    I don’t smoke so could care less what they do with it. Kinda makes sense to legalize it though…

  • loves

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  • Glok...Im in love wit Mary Jane !!


  • drenk

    @The Beast 1123

    LOL ive done that too, you try to get some cereal and theres no milk!!! but munchies is a b.1.t.c.h.

  • Southern Cabbage Patch

    Wow those Cheetos are cheap! 2/4.00 where they find them at! LMAO

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    ahhh the good ol’ days, back when it was fun!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i can imagine grocery shopping in the lettuce section and doing a double take. no they would have to lock it up in the cigarette booth! shoplifting would take on a whole new meaning! lol

  • jay

    im with you homey, i love to smoke and drive, yeah, its wrong, but, i cover my tracks and if i get caught, thas on me and i know it. Just give me a blunt and the open road, or road trip, i will drive the whole distance as longf as i gotr smoke, but following the driving laws, lol. so, they should make it legal, other homey said it, it will take the defict down and lower takes for people. save neighborhoods by taking dealers of the street. Lets make it happen, NAACP, im with you also, lets go

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    I think the NAACP has a valid position. They need to find out what issues are affecting Blacks from elevating themselves in society and do what they can to remedy the situation. ummm, one question? What are we going to do about Nicki Minaj? lolz she really think she’s doing something too. lolz

  • Devotee

    If America started exporting that good good…..we would probably fix our whole economic problem in months not years. Ppl be walkin in the streets passin joints to each other being friendly lol more peaceful don’t ya think

  • drenk

    @ Sydney™
    Then I think that “sweet sweet cheeba” should be left alone, no?

    syd thats just crazy talk now :p

  • The Beast 1123

    @ Devotee

    You need to run for a government office you have my vote.

  • Sydney™


    “syd thats just crazy talk now :p”

    Why is it crazy? Is pot like food?

  • posse

    Its funny how people who have never smoked think they’re the best authority on telling people what to do. Get off your high horse and STFU

  • Buttacupp

    I’m all for legalization….
    It will most def. help the economy….
    And the crime rate will go down.

  • Caramel Cat™

    I do think weed should be legalized. I don’t smoke it, but I honestly don’t see why it is illegal. It grows from the ground. There are no chemicals or mixing of foreign substances needed to make it. It’s a natural stress reliever and if you smoke that purp you can work and do all normal activities without the lazy feeling taking over. Honestly, weed should be legal before cigarettes. Cigarettes have tar and carcinogens that are harmful to the body. Someone tell me how weed harms anything health wise?

  • The Beast 1123

    @ Sydney

    You were at the wrong party those cats were smoking dat Reggie Bush! That is a NO NO!!!! We smoke dat good….it will have the room smelling like potpourri! On the real it is not for everyone but, no one should not be able to keep me from indulging in the privacy of my own home.

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