Quote Of The Day: Lyfe Jennings On Child Support “It Seems Like Females Just Be Wanting The Dude To Suffer

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Lyfe Jennings, father of three, recently spoke up on the subject of child support and baby mama drama. Jennings says he only has two baby mothers, but feels like he has twenty. Pop the hood for his thoughts

In a recent VIBE interview, Lyfe said he feels women have become spoiled and should be more independent and look outside of child support to make their way in life:

Anything that has to deal with the legality of your kids, get it right because people, not just women, are finicky. They’ll tell you something and they mean it at the time but then as time go on things change. It’s so much cleaner and easier when you just get the stuff right. Shout out to my 20 baby mamas, I wish you well. My baby mama always trying to send me to jail, that’s her goal in life. My other baby mama she cool. She wants me to be involved in my child’s life. but both of them are just spoiled and I take full responsibility for that ’cause I spoiled ’em. But now I’m trying to spoil me.

I hate to jump out on people because I know Nas. That’s my little partner right there and I done dealt with that [same type of] situation as [him and] Kelis before, but come on. It seem like females just be wanting the dude to suffer. It’s hard. They want him to pay, what, $50,000 a month? Do you realize that this dude bill is probably at least $30,000 a month so 50 plus 30? And then taxes is 50% so this man has to turn around and make $160,000 a month just to have his bills paid. That’s crazy hard to keep up. That ain’t cool. Why not get a job? Let’s do it together. I look at it from her side, too, because I guess she felt like, “I dealt with this for all these years and a lot of success that he’s had, a lot of I guess physical success came from me making sure his mental success was here.” So she’s entitled to something but she ain’t entitled to all of it.

I hope everything work out for everybody who has baby mamas and I hope they change these laws to stop letting women and men—’cause some men be filing for child support, too—but stop letting them make a living off child support and start requiring them to get a job. I done dealt with chicks before and maybe two, three weeks in they start asking about stuff: “Oh I can’t really come by because I gotta find out how I’ma pay this rent and I wish somebody would help me out.” I be like, “Well take as much time as you need because that rent really need to be paid.” [Laughs]. There’s gotta be a co-op. I’ve been in the situation where it’s crazy stuff. Insane. I will not do that again. Paying for everything, credit cards that you pay and clothes, cars—people get spoiled.

There’s a lot of truth — and COMEDY — in this one…

Read His Full Diatribe Here

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  • Keke

    First!!! Don’t lay if you can’t pay Lyfe!

  • dmo

    Who gives a damn what Lyfe has to say about child support. You get her pregnant, you abide by that states child support laws, abide by that states percentage of your paycheck they will be taking, and move on with life. You don’t pay, they suspend your license, and they take your tax return. It’s simple. MAN UP AND SHUT UP!!!!

  • Yeas

    As a female, I totally agree with him. Some of these women just want the money… Truly embarrassing. Did you know that Al Pacino pays his ex Beverly D’Angelo $50, 000 a month for their twin boys? That’s crazy… And 50 Cent’s baby mother said that $25,000 a month wasn’t enough. That’s pure greed. Some people don’t make that much money in a year and you just want to sit back and receive this man’s hard earned money while you try to make clothing lines and BET shows that will only lead to more embarrassment. Just my opinion, no offense to anyone lol

  • anewme

    Just file for joint custody, or better yet full custody if you don’t thinks it’s fair.

  • Ree

    I have to agree with Lyfe on this one.



  • Nique( aka Mrs. Aubrey Graham)

    I agree with a few of his points. Some of these females out here waiting for some kind of handout from these men 2 support their lifestyles n say 2 hell with the kids. Kids well-being shouldnt just rely on what the father is giving a month. But Lyfe needs 2 realize that when u lay with trif females, this is what happens. Pay up or keep ur d!!ck in ur pants.

  • B3 Fearless

    I understand what Lyfe is saying.

    He’s referring to those females who have made a career out of being a baby mama.

    Not working at all just having their hand out. And feel like they are entitled to get taken care of along with the child they have together.

  • Thicklikecornbread

    Dudes need to do better with who they choose to sleep with.

    Tips for Guys in 2010:
    1. Stop sleeping with ur bm. When u start to seriously d8 sum1, but u still “hitting” the bm, dont be surprised if she bust out a window or slaps the new chick

    2. If she asking for rent or gas money within 3mos of meeting u, RUN. She is financially unstable. Why cant she pay her rent? Did she spend rent money on shoes?

    3. If her goal in life is to drive a Benz, RUN. Get with sum1 that can have ur back, if ur back gets broke

    It amazes me how dudes hook up with “hood chicks” & then wonder why she whoops his @ss, steals his money, cheats on him, etc.

    I feel Lyfe dropped alot of “hood” knowledge. Its sad he had to learn these lessons after TWO BABY MAMA’S

  • iluvamerie

    Lyfe Jennings would love to do a collobaration with AMERIE.


  • Curveball

    Child support payment minimums are set by law. Al Pacino pays $50k because he can afford to pay at a minimum $50K a month. Or he signed an agreement to pay $50K. He signed it, he has to live with it.

    As someone above put it (very well)— “Pay up or keep ur d!!ck in ur pants.”

  • jswang

    He’s speaking the truth on that matter. You really never know who your with. They may say one thing in the beginning but an angry woman is a beast. The laws are not set for men trying to take care of there kids. They really need to be set on a case by case basis.

  • B3 Fearless



  • nywoman23...killuminati


    7/8/10, 14:06:pm

    First!!! Don’t lay if you can’t pay Lyfe!


  • bria

    How much did he pay when he was in jail. How was his kids being cared for when he didn’t have any money nor a job. Did they starve to death were they homeless out on the streets or did that mother hold it down and take care of your children and do what had to be done to make it happen for her and your children.

    The first thing we could probably stop doing is saying baby daddy and baby momma that sends a out a negative connotation and thought. Do you complain when you are out there buying that chain and supporting the jewelrs child. I hope while he is buying that chain and paying all that money he has a college fund set for his children.

    It really saddens me that the only people I see complaining about the amount of the child support is black men. And the only women I see supporting that or saying I kind of agree with foolishness like this is black women. If you are walking around with 50k worth of jewelry on then you can afford that for your child. You shouldn’t want your child to leave any less than you do.

  • mj4eva

    Men shouldn’t complain. They refuse to wear rubbers and won’t get a vasectomy. So they will get someone pregnant.


    there’s A LOT of truth in his words, but i will ALWAYZ resort 2 this one thing i ALWAYZ say: “I WILL NEVER BE A BABY MOMMA!!!!” ever time i say it, some ish comes up that makes me even happier that i didn’t fall victim 2 stupidity!!!

  • Nique( aka Mrs. Aubrey Graham)



    @B3 Fearless

    Yup. Folks b killing me how shocked they act when their BM/BF start wit the bs…had they taken the time 2 REALLY get 2 know some1-they wouldnt be so damn shocked. Pay that hoodrat her $$ n next time make better choices.

  • Baybaybay

    @Yeas. You must be young without kids because I’m married but I see a lot of single mothers raising children alone without any help and its awful to have to deal with everthing on your own. You mentioned celebrities and how much they pay in support do you know why? The people you mentioned earn six to seven figures a year and live an extravagant lifestyle so there children should also live comfortable. I remember reading Rick James bio in which he vagely mentions at the height of his success he haf millions in the bank and his two children by a previous relationship were living in the projects with there mother is that fair? If men would stop planting their seed in random females they wouldn’t have to deal with child support and if you don’t want children have a vasectomy.

  • Shawn of the Living

    Lyfe..you laid up without a condom.

    You chose her, You slept with her and she got pregnant.

    Keep it in your pants, or suffer the consequences.

    Rules of Lyfe:

    1) Break the law , Go to jail.
    2) Sleep with a woman unprotected, she get’s pregnant, YOU have to pay child support in amounts that sometime seem like too much.

    SUCH is LYFE.

    Get over it….or start wearing condoms. Those are you options.

  • tb

    Everything is true that Lyfe said and I am a female. The whole entire child support system needs to be revisited.

  • Koko Clark

    First begginings @ KEKE~ A woman shouldn’t lay if she can’t pay either.

  • Get Real

    To be honest just cause you hear of 10 babymama’s in the industry acting a damn fool doesn’t mean they are the majority. Think about all the athletes, actors, rapper & other celebs that have babymamas & ex-wives and you never hear about their personal life. Kelis represent a small group of crazy & deranged women.

  • detdoll5

    Hey, thats the price you pay when your rich. These men accustom the women and children to a privileged lifestyle and when the relationship ends you think the women along with there kids are suppose to exist as paupers. Sorry but it don’t work like like that. Child support payments are based on income. Like Keke said,don’t lay if you can’t pay. To the rest of the men b’tching about CS stop laying up haveing babies with women your no married to. Married men, the relationship ends be prepared to care for you children. You made the with here take on you responsibility and stop being a b’tch

  • Kristina

    @Shawn of the Living and Just Bored, 100% co-sign.

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