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Andre 3000 -2016 ONE Musicfest

Andre 3000 – Source: Prince Williams / Getty

André 3000 finally discusses the possibility of a new OutKast album and while he doesn’t rule it out, he questions the group’s chemistry.

Most hip-hop enthusiasts spend time on social media begging legacy artists and groups for new projects. Usually, they’re yelling into a void, but in the case of OutKast, the noise is getting louder. André 3000 blessed the world with his new album New Blue Sun while Big Boi doesn’t stay far from the booth.

At this point, fans are having a harder time understanding how the duo hasn’t recorded any new music.

According to a new 3k interview with the Bitter Southerner, the flute-loving musician isn’t ruling it out but gives a lengthy reason to not hold your breath.

“You know, people always ask about me and Big Boi,” André shared. “We cool, man. That’s my homie forever. We were friends before doing music.”

It has been almost 20 years since OutKast’s last project Idlewild and Big Boi has evolved into a full solo act with three albums under his belt.

“People ask, so will there be another OutKast album? I really can’t say, man. I do realize that our chemistries have changed. We’re different people. We’re totally different people,” he said. “Not to say that we won’t be able to make any kind of music, but I think, yeah, people have to realize, like even in relationships, man, husband and wife, chemistry should change after a while. And I think people think there’s this one thing that has to stay a way, but we are ever-changing, man.”

André 3000’s answer is complex and unique just like him but doesn’t completely rule out the potential for them to find their chemistry. André has been very open about his struggles with rapping due to his age. Even with all of us telling him we’re ok with him rapping about doctor visits he seems unmoved in his feelings.



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