Jesus Take The Wheel: Dad Charged With Killing 2-Yr Old Son and Burying Him in Concrete

- By Bossip Staff

The search for 2-year-old Rodricus Williams ended this week after police found his remains buried under 400 pounds of concrete in a trash can. Pop it to find out who was behind this horrifying tragedy.

It’s really sad when you can’t even trust parents with their own children.

A couple have been charged over the death of a South Carolina toddler whose remains were found buried in 400 pounds of concrete in a rubbish bin. The child’s body was found two days after police said a father and his girlfriend concocted a story about the man’s son falling into a harbour near a popular tourist destination.

Roger Williams, 29, and Grace Nichole Trotman, 24, have been charged with homicide by child abuse. An autopsy revealed the concrete held the body of a young boy who matched the description the couple had given Charleston police for Williams’s missing son, Rodricus Williams, said Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt.

Investigators were awaiting the results of a DNA test to confirm that the body found in the bin was that of Rodricus. Rodricus had been staying with his father and Trotman when his mother unexpectedly called wanting to see her son, police said.

Rodricus’s mother was told she could pick him up on Tuesday at the Battery in Charleston, a tourist area on the city’s peninsula, which is about 30 kilometres from where police believe the boy was killed.

The couple claimed the boy had fallen from the Battery into Charleston Harbour, touching off a 10-hour search by police and rescue workers on foot, and by boat and helicopter.

“It was a concocted story,” Sheriff DeWitt said. Police think Rodricus was killed at Trotman’s Summerville home, but his death was revealed only after Rodricus’s mother wanted to visit him.

Police do not know how long the boy had been dead. “We do know days, maybe longer,” Sheriff DeWitt said. Interviews with Trotman and Williams led police to the rubbish bin, which was behind an abandoned mobile home in a rural area surrounded by small homes and cornfields. Sheriff DeWitt said the body was inside rubbish bags and the concrete was poured on top. He said investigators think the boy was dead before he was put in the bin.

Rodricus had been admitted to a Charleston hospital several times, and Sheriff DeWitt said he had been beaten before. “During interviews, there was some talk about the child being struck on occasions,” Sheriff DeWitt said. “Our interpretation is [that] it was not by accident.”


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  • Hannibal


  • Mamamia

    So sad. RIP baby boy!!! This is some straight up madness all these stories are hell.

  • I'm cuter

    This is a disgace.. I’m tired hearing about stuff like this.. I’m praying the Lil boy is in a better place.. Sum ppl just dnt deserve to procreate… May his parents rot in hell bastards… Poor Lil thing Rest In Paradise 🙂

  • Presidential Black

    @She’s Nicole
    Really? Ethering all black men off this crazy story? Go kill yo’self before I get O.J. to come do it….(again)

  • Sydney™

    I cannot even comment. This is bringing tears to my eyes. Why? Why would anyone do this?

  • 2Sweet

    They need to suffer the same fate. Except they need to be alive when buried under the concrete!!! I absolutely detest all people who harm children. I hope that sweet angel has found peace, cuz he obviously didn’t experience it in his physical life.

  • The Law

    @ u ppl who hate blacks.. Why are u on a black website gossiping about ppl get off if u hate us so much.. This child death has nothing to do about a race it’s about stupidty-ness.. And dumb ppl ignorant ppl.. If u wanna get on race there whole list where we can start..

  • soulwoman

    My day is officially ruined.

  • Thicklikecornbread

    What is wrong with these ppl KILLING CHILDREN?!

    And, if he had bee “beaten” b4, why was he still in the custody of his father &/or mtr?!!!!

    AND, how could this “girlfriend” try to help cover up a 2 y/o boy’s murder?!! Aint no luv that good for me to go to jail…

  • Jasira

    Jesus fxckin’ Christ…

  • ladycole

    Sad case…..really what is this world coming to

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Stories like this make me want to avoid having children sometimes. I cannot imagine brining a child into a world where people are evil enough to beat them senseless, then discard them like yesterday’s trash.

    The death penalty is not severe enough for these people. I wish there was a way blot their memory from the face of the earth.

  • prettydarkskin

    @ she’s nicole….ummm sein as u hate black ppl so much…y u here?…white ppl…u guys never cease to amaze (and disgust me)

  • Soul Touch

    God have mercy on our souls.

    Man killing his own seed. Girlfriend working hard to cover it up. What on God’s green earth…

    If there were previous cases, why wasn’t the child with the mother?

    So many question, all senseless answers.

  • aqueenwaits

    @ She’s Nicole

    Apparently your 2nd grade education lead you to that conclusion. If you knew as much as you thought that you did, you would be able to recognize that we are truly living in the last days. Go and read a bible and see if it confirms your stupidity! I doubt it. It’s not a white, black, asian, latino or chinese thing. It’s a crazy thing! And that comes in all colors.

  • poor kid

    ooooooooooo that poor child! This is really sick and sad. burn those two bastards to death.

  • Queen

    its not a black people thing, its a human thing! We need to stop bein ignorant and be aware of the bigger picture…. Black or white, people are capable of anything and its just a shame that a kid was killed by his dad, the person whn should be lovin and protecting him.RIP lil one

  • Trey

    This is so sad…
    People are a shame these days.
    Family will be in my prayers<3

  • lt

    that poor baby but he is at peace now. i don’t understand how he was taken to a hospital for beatings but the authorities wasn’t called then? i thought doctors and nurses are trained to know the difference if a child has been abused or has fallen? these 2 are monsters! sickening!

  • Spongetta Citronella

    This has NOTHING to do with race. I blame this abusive, detested, deplorable behavior on DRUGS! Drugs has fuk3d up this society & has destroyed the human mind

    Crack hit the Black community
    Meth & Rx pills hit the White community

  • Baybaybay

    This is heartbreaking, if the father didn’t want him he should have just said it. I have nothing else to say.

  • Sha


  • auntdogganduntfail

    sad story. I know that mom wants to kill the dude who did that to his child.

  • Bopa

    If the boy was “acting up” why didn’t he call his mom so she could pick him up before he beat him to death. I can’t stand these stories of people who use their kids as pawns.

  • CharmingPervert

    R.I.P. A real tragedy. .

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