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Ciara Is _______ A) Like A Boy B) Still A Hollyweird B*tch C) A Certified Banger … Ciara stopped by Barney’s in Beverly Hills in her big black truck listening to music and rockin’ this bestial tee and leggings. Pop the hood for more shots and a look at her new album art but don’t forget to Fill In The Blank!



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  • Hannibal


  • brrrickhouse

    i like cici

  • leesa

    Ciara is a gorgeous young woman. She looks great all of the time.

  • bbn

    like a boy who should care more about being a girl!

  • ajoi2bme

    she looks better rockin the casual look

  • Looking for a tall glass o' Chocolate milk

    U can say what u want, but she is smoking hot!

  • what_am_iDoing

    Ciara is the ishhhh!

    She is 1 of the greatest vocalist of all timeszzzz!
    New Generation Janet Jackson/Mariah Carey w. a dab of Madonna


    Ciara stay humping & grinding on stage. Her vocal range needs work. She has a pretty face though.

  • Dollars

    I don’t really get the joke of why shde compared to a boy/man. Not a fan of her music..but that still seems like some hater shizz to me. SMH. ANyway to put the darkskinned woman down, right? Grow the hell up.

  • Smurfette

    How about choice d.)irrelevant Who listens to her music anyway?

  • Somali Ninga

    “Every Messenger of Allah did warn his nation about the trials of Dajjal. Allah, however, delayed Dajjal’s birth and did not let him appear until now. Be aware! he will claim to be God and try to create doubts in your minds. Have a firm belief, the one-eyed creature cannot be your Lord. He will come out riding on a ‘donkey’, which will have a distance of one mile between its two ears. He will claim to have come with the gifts of paradise and arsenal of hell.”
    Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)

  • Somali Ninga


  • I'mJustSayin

    naturally beautiful girl and less of an attention w h o r e than many of her contemporaries.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I don’t understand why people always say that Ciara looks lie a man/tranny, etc. I think she’s beautiful and her abs are fire!!!

  • Subterfuge

    Certified Banger. Nothing boy-ish about this look. But the tomboy style actually works very well for her, and to me that´s when she´s the sexiest.

    People are always gonna find ways to hate on someone doing their thing. The fact that she´s gorgeous infuriates them further. Hence the “omg, Ciara is a man”…

    Go CiCi! I love you 🙂



    7/9/10, 17:28:pm


    YEAH, A “POST-OP” boy…. LOL!! 😆 😈

  • charlie*little*angel

    Obviously someone listening to her music, cause she still got a job now dont she?
    If no one listened to her music she wouldnt be dropping another album later this summer.
    The fill in the blank answer is C, for Ciara is a Certified banger who is the best female dancer in the industry. Ciara has singing, modeling, danceing, acting, even rapping plus more under her belt. Trust me she got plenty stacks from all her hard work. Keep up the good job Cici. Im ah huge fan.

  • Hannibal



  • Kenny

    Its been cold in L.A. over the past week, and even rained so thats why Ciara is dressed this way in L.A.

  • that's a dude, i don't care what anyone said. check his chromosomes.

    this dude has gotten fake boobs, wears fake hair, has man hands/neck/feet,legs and was so obviously not born a woman.
    i have no sympathy for fellas that mess around with chicks so fake and get pissed when they find out she’s really a he. that’s what you get for chasing knifed up broads.

  • charlie*little*angel

    @the person above me
    you should actually do your research, cause everyone isnt exactly born a male or female. So ciara can still be a woman with man features, doesnt mean she is a tranny.

  • charlie*little*angel

    above linia

  • Bey-nonsense

    Fill in the blank
    Ciara is… ahead of me on her workout/body game. To quote Dave Chapelle I wish I had 5 more hands so I could give her 7 thumbs up!
    (she works very hard and it shows)

  • Kenyetta

    Ciara is beautiful!!!

  • T.Banks

    Certified Banger u Haters!!

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