Amber “AD” Desiree Smith from Love Is Blind is finally speaking out following her ex-fiancé Clay Gravesande’s questionable online antics.

Love is Blind Season 6 Reunion Images

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Fans were already fed up with Clay’s antics following the Love Is Blind reunion, but when OnlyFans model Celina Powell started posting pictures with him, the eye rolls only got stronger.

One of the biggest disapprovers of their relationship was the reality star’s mom, Margarita Gravesande, who publicly called out her son for risking “los[ing] everything thinking that the apple is good, but it’s a forbidden choice (do better).”

Throughout this whole saga–which later included Clay being pictured with yet another OF creator–the fans only wanted to hear from one person: AD. Now, she’s finally speaking out and giving her thoughts on the entire situation.

“I’m glad that his mom stepped in,” AD told E! News at Netflix’s FYSEE Reali-Tea Event. “I think it’s on her, and that’s their family.”

She also clarified that she isn’t concerned with what her ex is up to, saying that the two of them went their separate ways following the end of the reality show.

“I think as far as me and Clay’s relationship, it kind of ended where it ended,” AD continued. “Everything that he does are decisions on his side, and we’ve completely separated and went our own ways.”

AD clearly dodged a bullet and it sounds like she agrees.


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