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Kelly Rowland is trying really hard to come into her own. Whatever she’s doing is working because she has made it to the UK’s Top 10. Kelly recently spoke on how she feels when people compare her to Beyonce and lets just say… Kelly’s not too happy about it!!!

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Kelly’s New Direction in Music:

“For me, it was being kind of at a flat line with urban music and wanting something different,” she explains. “I went into the studio and when I did ‘When Love Takes Over’, it was easy to do it – it was almost like it happened before me in spirit and I walked right into it. And then with ‘Commander’, it was just easy so I knew I couldn’t be afraid of this direction, and I wasn’t going to let the thoughts and opinions of others make me afraid to go in this direction, in a sense that when you’re urban you should just be urban. No, no!” She shakes her head. “Nobody puts me in a box!”

On Constantly Being Compared to Beyonce:

“People can’t think of anything more intelligent than to compare,” she frowns. “And that’s only natural, I understand. That’s just the way the industry is, so you find a way to make things your own. But even though this sound sounds like nothing she’s done, people are going to find something to say. ” Does it bother her? “No,” she says simply. “I think it’s important to know who you are and if you don’t, you’re gonna let people dictate who you are. I think that it’s not what people want it to be, and people will continue to make up stories. But I’ll give people a reason not to compare us with this record. ”




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