Jesus Take The Wheel: Ex Boyfriend Dismembers PREGNANT Girls Body And Stuffs Her Inside A Barrel At His Beauty Salon!

- By Bossip Staff

This story is as crazy as all hell. This beautiful ladies life was snatched from her in a disgusting way.

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  • kimona

    there are so some sick people in this world.

  • D.C


  • Jamillah

    Very tragic. There are lessons to be learned here. Leave the married men alone. Don’t get pregnant by a man you don’t really know. If you think the man might be a crazy, hide the pregnancy.

  • VA666

    A to the S to the S to the U to the M to the E dammit!

  • Lb

    This was a sad story for my city- she wasn’t pregnant by him he is just crazy! Rip

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals-I'm just too good to be true!!!


    He was married and most likely still wanted her.

    If that’s not selfish!

    I’m telling you, we’ve (as ladies) have GOT to put emotions aside and be strong enough to know that we shouldn’t settle for second best. If a man wants to be with more than one woman, let him goooooooooooooooooooo. It’s not worth it!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals-I'm just too good to be true!!!

    Recently, I had a stalker. I met him on a Tuesday, we exchanged numbers and by Friday evening, he had already called me 55 times!

    The thing of it is, he kept saying things that the “average” woman would’ve loved to hear but I became leery aftert he 3rd day when he was talking about moving in! I kept saying things like we haven’t even been out on a date yet. We ended up meeting for breakfast and he said “now, we’ve been out, let’s talk about making our lives one!”

    I knew it was something fishy so I did some background checking. (thanks for a best friend who works for the IRS) Come to find out–the man was married but living with a whole nother woman who had six…SIX kids! I ran for the hills! The damn man continued to call, beg, cry (yes, he gave me this sad story about how miserable he was) the whole nine. I finally told him, if you ATTEMPT to make any contact with me, I will be FORCED to seek an order of protection.

    I’m telling you, sometimes people think it’s their birthright to own you and look to use you through their selfishness! We have to be stronger and not settle and when we have a “gut feeling” about something, follow our instincts!!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals-I'm just too good to be true!!!

    Even sadder–

    He’ll be locked up and his wife will put her life on hold to travel back and forth to visit him in prison. He’ll give her some song and dance and she’ll buy it simply because she’ll think that she can’t do better.


  • yyy

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  • smhattheworld

    I know the family. It was a beauty supply store. They are a great family (from the outside I guess) . I can’t believe he did that! He was soo nice and his wife is a beautifully sweet woman . sigh ! Guess you don’t know people .

  • Erica

    the end is near

  • I love love an Asian MAN

    The best way to play its safe … is to find someone who accept you whole. No creeping around, but presenting you to they world of people (family, friend, etc). And leave people alone who are involve with someone. They both are to blame!!!

  • mrs.wonderful

    @ Afrika, Ladies is spelled Ladies not lady’s (that’s lady is) did you pay attention in class

  • - progressive woman

    @1 TRU DIVA
    glad you had a friend to check his background;

  • Kenyetta

    Shiit for brains!!!!

  • Lady_Star

    @1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals-I’m just too good to be true!!- That was great advice, especially the part about listening to your gut feelings. Wish someone had told me that alot sooner. On a positive note, I learned and am alot stronger because if it.

  • j........

    That’s why I don’t deal with Africans or Jamaicans. I’ll pass.

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