Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian served as the official flag girl for the Amp Energy Bullrun in New York today. Wonder if they told her CoCo would be showing up in a catsuit of her own? Pop the hood for the rearview, and plenty more shots from the event but don’t forget to tell us Who Looked More Bangin?

WENN/Splash News

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  • myworldbyme

    Kim. She looks far better and more proportionate.

  • RazeKane

    What is this a “RUMP ROAST FEST”??…they sooo obvious about their intentions.

  • Damn*Homie

    Cocoa did of course! Her butt looks way better then Kims butt! I love me some Kim but Cocos outfit and body looked better. Can’t lie nor deny! Sorry Kimmy! Still love you.

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Coco looks like a drag queen. She’s not easy on the eye at all

  • 1991 UK

    i would say Kim…but then again any one would look better that a tyranny

  • Chill

    Nothing beats a white girl with a big ass

  • Ms Blu

    I guess this should confirm that Kim K could not possibly have a fake a**. Her a** looks a little weird in that last shot.

  • Hannibal

    Coco scares me! Her jawbone is way too strong!

  • http://www.twitter.com/mysteryuz Mysteryuz

    Kim in the face, Coco for the body.

  • Koolatta

    Im gonna have to go with CoCo. Yeah her outfit looks way better. I mean the whole thing is they both look cheap and trashy like pretty low… not the type ypu bring home to Ma and Pa. But considering the type of event I guess it makes sense. They will both have to work out regularly not to get fat.

  • fashodirrty

    KIM all day EVERYDAY!

  • Zee

    The title should have been “Who looked more busted.”

  • http://www.twitter.com/so_infamous miss infamous

    They both look like drag queens. Who knew Coco had more junk in the trunk than Kim?!

  • Datzher

    How u gona put kim up against coco… Smh coco straight trailer park trash so no compitition!!

  • Sigh

    Why do they both look used up and worn out? Egghh.

  • girlshoes

    there’s soo many black woman with these bodies for years.. lol and now its in style to have a a large derrier, and full breast..

    lol… white pple kill me.. this isn’t something new

  • Devotee

    Is that Kim kardashian or lord voldemort

  • THeE

    Shoutouts to all the white women with big azz

  • Y'all Be Trippin'


    7/10/10, 18:47:pm

    Shoutouts to all the white women with big azz

    You mean shout outs to all the white women with FAKE IMPLANT PLASTIC big azz…


    You sorry nuccas – will pass over a sistah with with a weave, real titays and real azz for a white girl with a weave (Kim K’s hair is a WEAVE), fake breast implants, and fake azz implants….proof positive you HATE yourselves.

    Black on Black Love ONLY!

  • lea

    perhaps you should go to tmz and make those shoutouts, you’re wasting ur time here dummy.

  • -


  • sosickofkim


  • -

    Both of their asses is fake!


    um.. i’m gonna say kim, just b.c she has a prettier face, her weave is nicer, and her boob and butt job looks more realistic than coco’s

  • B*tch

    If Kim woulda borrowed some swag from the other chick….

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