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This. Is. The remix.

Yesterday, BOSSIP reported on the furry-faced congressman from Florida, Rep. Byron Donalds. While trying to recruit new Black voters for the Republican party, Donalds spoke fondly of the time when “Black families were together” during the Jim Crow era. Donalds swears up and down that he was simply making a reference to the historical and cultural timeline, racism and hate crimes notwithstanding.

He sounds exactly like Taylor Swift’s dumb a** when she crooned, “My friends used to play a game where we would pick a decade we wished we could live in instead of this, I’d say the 1830s but without all the racists.”

The backlash against Donalds was swift and unrelenting and he has been on a cable news PR tour trying to justify the comments for several days now. His most recent stop on the KKKlean Up Aisle 6 tour landed on MSNBC’s The Reid Out with host Joy Ann Reid. Never has a show been so appropriately titled because a read-out was had!

For 12 glorious minutes, Reid needled Donalds about his choice of words and their meaning, and it should come as no surprise that none of it held up under an ounce of scrutiny or self-reflection.

Here’s how Donalds tried to couch his rose-tinted perspective on Jim Crow:

“If you’re going to use the chronological timeline of America before the Great Society and Lyndon Johnson’s time period, you had unfortunately the Jim Crow era in America. During that time period, the marriage rate of Black Americans was significantly higher than any other time since then in American history. So it is a divergence if you’re talking about marriage rates in the Black community. They have plummeted. What we have seen recently in America, which is a very good thing—we should all celebrate—is marriage rates in the Black community are rising again. That’s good for Black families. That’s definitely good for Black children. It’s something I want to see, I’m sure you want to see it as well.”

Then, Reid hit him with the “ether”…

This negro doesn’t give a damn about Black families being together. The only things he’s concerned about are keeping old white Republicans in office and loving white women. You can peep the full interview in the video below.


These Black conservatives are charlatans, scammers and malevolent wordsmiths. Do not trust them under any circumstance.


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