The-Dream And C-Milli Together In The Last Month? New Details Emerge Regarding Separation And Mistress!

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Christina Milian was photographed still wearing her wedding ring yesterday, as she went out to buy formula for their infant daughter, despite news breaking of her separation with The-Dream. Now sources close to Christina tell BOSSIP her shady a*s husband is full of sh*t and the pair has been together much more recently than The-Dream’s statement leads the public to believe. Pop the hood for details and more new photos of Christina

According to sources close to the couple the press release from the Dream is completely FALSE!

BOSSIP sources say the statement was only released as an attempt to save his career, and that up until this news broke, the couple had a “grand plan” to bring up their daughter in Atlanta and continue building their family together. Our source has witnessed The-Dream and Christina together as a couple in the last month and revealed that, in addition to Christina going to support him at his most recent L.A. show, the pair actually had enjoyed a romantic weekend together. Our inside source says she is pretty certain the pair have also been intimate recently, based on jokes Christina made about their sex life.

“They were clearly still in love,” said the friend, who asked not to be named. “I feel bad because his assistant Melissaclearly knew they were happily married and even attended, signed and witnessed both marriage ceremonies the couple had.”

“What makes matters worse is she joined them in celebrating the birth of baby Violet at the hospital and Christina has had Melissa and her entire family over for holiday dinners while Melissa’s family was going through hardships.”


The source continued:

“His statement is a fat lie to save his record sales, his EVP position at IDJ. Any separation time for them was always due to work, at least that’s what he was selling Christina and she believed him because that’s her husband… who wouldn’t? Quite frankly he totally manipulated her and the situation.”

WOW… Can you believe that? Sometimes the other woman is right there with you in the delivery room. SMH.

Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

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