New Music: R. Kelly Featuring Ludacris… Got Them Chickens Speaking In “Tongues”

- By Bossip Staff

Bangladesh went in the studio and banged out a beat for R. Kelly new jawn called “Tongues” featuring Ludacris. Since R. Kelly is no longer making the ladies drop their panties, now he’s trying to make them speak in “Tongues”. Let’s see how this workouts out because the neighbors already know Trey Songz name…

Hate It or Love It?!?!?

Tongues – R. Kelly ft. Ludacris:

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    wow kells outfit is fiiiiiirrrrreeeeee lol

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    what the hell is R Kelly wearing looking like an old fogey lolz

  • muse


  • heru9

    His illiterate,pedohile too old to be making songs like this.

  • Phacorah

    Robert.. honey, No. I know as a artist you want to re-invent yourself often but this just isn’t the R Kelly I grew to like.

  • ThatBKChick

    R. Kelly is irrelevant…why is this ol’ pedofile n ucca still singing about banging broads and ish? This fool has been irrelevant 10 years ago.

  • Alexander

    Song is fire and This is pure fire! R Kelly is relevant and Trey is gay and screw you bloggers hating on the true King

  • @VannaEnvazion

    could you not find a better photo of Kells lol. Irrevelant and R. Kelly doesn’t belong in the same sentence. He had much success, so he’s straight either way lol. The songs is okay, it’s a grower.


  • Alexander

    Add to that this photo of him is quite old when he was rocking the corn rows! Trey is gay and can’t break platinum status nor write his own material!

  • shon Jones

    love r kelly he can make a song out of anything

  • drenk


  • 1987

    ummm me no likey……wut status did r.kelly’s last album reach?

  • Quibble


  • Alexander

    He sold 4 million units in Europe alone for untitled Chicken coup no hair weave wearing Gay Wannabe songz! Change your cotext for hating!
    R Kelly has numerous Grammy’s and platinum hits and albums and co-written and produced many! Who has Gay Songz written for and how many platinum albums! Zilch Blitch

  • Spongetta Citronella


    “Hail Mary full of grace” followed by “bust it wide open?!!”

    R.Kelly & Luda get a:

  • Tajuana

    im yawning…..

  • Jincx

    LOL… R Kelly really can make any song hot. LOLZ

  • ..

    i can’t stand Trey. R.Kelly is good but he’s no King of Rhythm and Blues. Seriously!?! Y’all out your minds. It’s a laundry list of people ahead of him.

  • Alexander

    bottoms up song that Nickki and Trey has out is whacked! Trey is still trying to sound like R Kelly ” Go Geta” track or rap like him. Swagger jacker for real. I hate Trey and I will personally strike him in his mouth for dissing R Kelly. Anytime you throw jabs in the R&B genre you are failing and falling so hard

  • Spongetta Citronella

    @ Alexander,

    #1- Im 30
    #2- I am referring to the song TONGUES, NOT R.Kelly’s career. The song is gutter TRASH. And, I have a rite to my opinion on this blog
    #3- I understand that R.Kelly is a legend, but this song is SACRILEGIOUS
    #4- Yes, Trey Songz with Nicki on “Bottoms Up” sux too
    #5- Get a life & stop attacking innocent ppl on blogs

  • MiszRachel

    All I have to say Jesus is coming back and we all need to be careful. Period.

  • - progressive woman

    not a song with chester the molester

  • MiszRachel

    *Get right with God and be careful, is what I meant.

    This song is disrespectful to everything R. Kelly says he stands for. He said he was saved and Christian at one point in time. Yet you’re STILL making songs about sex? And now this too? I mean nobody is perfect on this earth AT ALL. But where are Arruh’s boundaries?

  • Alexander

    Progressive Woman is a Trick Songz fan, this is another out of shape no LP buying ho sit down trash.

    You are like the rest of them believing everything you hear! Where’s your cotext hoe?

  • Spongetta Citronella

    “Hail Mary full of grace” followed by “bust it wide open?!!”


    Very Disrespectful

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