D-Fish Lets The Lakers Know…

- By Bossip Staff

NBA veteran point guard Derek Fisher has a new team! Pop the hood for more.

It looks like the Lakers will keep one of their core free-agents as Derek Fisher announced that he will stay with the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. D-Fish has played 11 of his 14 years in NBA with the Lakers and has won 5 championships. He was pursued by other teams especially by the Miami Heat who just created a super squad with LeBron James,Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. How could he turn down playing for the Super Friends just to stay in LA? Oh, that’s right he’s on Kobe’s nuts!!!

This means another year of Fisher flopping around the court like a big-headed fish!


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  • LakerGirl

    Welcome Home Fish!! Why would leave to join a team where he has more rings than all the players on the “super squad” combined!!

  • ebonypearl

    I knew fish would stay here in L.A…..Cuz the heat don’t have Kobe.

  • http://gochitchat.com/2010/07/derek-fisher-signs-3-year-deal-to-end-his-career-in-la/ Derek Fisher Signs 3 Year Deal To End His Career In L.A | GoChitChat

    […] In a concession to the veteran PG, the third year will be a player option. Fisher proved in the playoffs that he can still win games for L.A., and he won’t have as much pressure on him with Steve Blake sharing the backcourt. […]



  • Intellione

    WTF? superteam? laughable!!!

  • 1word

    Stop hating on the Lakers, this article is pure trash. It was written as if D-Fish signed with someone else, when it was reported on ESPN days ago. What a bunch of trash.

  • AtlHawks

    I’m not even a Lakers fan but why would he leave La to Miami.

    Kobe = D-wade
    Gasol = Bosh
    Lebron = Artest & Lamar

    And thats there team? Lakers still got Bynum & a better back up player for Fisher with Steve Blake. Neither has a good bench but Lakers have a bench.

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  • HK

    F U punk a** haters

  • Redeemed 777

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  • Reality

    Redeemed777 Amen!

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  • mary

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  • chigal

    @ I Am Legend totally agree with you

  • http://lukescorner.ning.com/?xgi=4vpWSBY Albany4Life

    i thought there were some new developments after i seen he had resigned yesterday evening.
    The people are already on the site so y bother lying and making people possibly go elsewhere due to fruadulent headlines?

  • It's Me

    O well we (heat) would have been doing him a favor in getting that 6 ring… Him and Kobe will never see that 6 ring now that Pat has put a master plan in place. Sorry LA fans but the rings will now come back to MIA for at least 5 years in a ROW….Thank God for Mickey and Pat…

  • JR

    What’s up with site? Ya’ll are some hatting MFs. Why would Fish want to go play with a coward like LaBron. Jordan turned the Bulls into winners. Hakeem Olajuwon won to rings without any allstars on his team. Duncan has won multiple rings without super stars except for his first one with David Robinson. LaBron could not take the heat or the expectation so he ran like a b. Kobe stayed in LA and created winner. The Black Mamba is the real King. That is why Fish stayed. By haters

  • http://www.bossip.com bo

    Yeah they are always dissing his corny behind on http://www.sportshate.com

  • williedynamite

    “NBA veteran point guard Derek Fisher has a new team!”

    So if hes still on the same team…how is it new? SMH.

  • we4she

    And ..on top of everything else …you’re LATE!! this was reported 2 days ago! What happened ..the writer that hugs Media Takeout’s left nutsack call in sick? Nobody left to steal from MSN?


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    ‘Miami Heat who just created a super squad’

    I SECOND THAT!!!!!

  • http://cri.bs/2010/07/d-fish-lets-the-lakers-know%e2%80%a6-2/ D-Fish Lets The Lakers Know… | Cribs (Cri.bs)

    […] See Original Story […]

  • ??

    Why would he leave I could see if he was losing. I wouldn’t leave either if I had all of those rings over a 14 year career. That ain’t bad. Some players never get a ring in their entire career.

  • karmel

    I rather have a bird in the hand then 3 in the bush!! 3peat!!! You don’t even know whether that mix in Miami will work yet!!! KOBE!!!

  • Fisher...

    The issue was money. The Lakers were initially offering him only 2 mill a year which is far less than all of the starters and Odom, Walten or what they are paying for their incoming back-up PG, Blake.

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