Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Is Upset About The NAACP Calling The Tea Party Shady Racist F*cks

- By Bossip Staff

Last time we checked these Tea Party a$s clowns were racist as hell:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin came to the defense of the Tea Party on Tuesday night, saying that the NAACP was…… wrong to pass a resolution condemning what it says are racist elements of the conservative movement.

“I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow ‘racists,'” Palin wrote in a Facebook note. “The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand.” Delegates at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Kansas City yesterday passed the resolution calling on the Tea Party to expel its racist elements, but the group will reportedly not release the final version of the resolution until its board passes it in October.

Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee who is now seen as a leader of the Tea Party movement, quoted conservative icon Ronald Reagan, who called America’s past racism “a legacy of evil.” She said that with the election of the first black president, the United States has become “a new ‘post-racial’ society.”

“We, as a united people, applauded that sentiment. We were proud of that progress,” Palin said. “That’s why it is so sad to see that 18 months later, the NAACP is once again using the divisive language of the past to unfairly accuse the Tea Party movement of harboring ‘racist elements.'”

Whatever, Sarah…GTFOH with that crap. If the Tea Party was so ‘post-racial’ why in the f*ck would they allow for these blatantly racist signs to represent their views?


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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    N E X T!!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i guess pres. obama being elected will be their comeback for everything now. like black folk are suppose to jump through hoops for a few peanuts thrown their way.

  • Caramel Cat™ ('Return of the Ankh' is a bonafide clazzic)

    Why on earth do people even get worked up about these ‘political’ figures anymore. They’re not doing anything but playing the position they are a.s.s.igned. She’s doing her job, Obama and Michelle are doing theirs, etc….it’s all a game…

  • Yeah, RIGHT 0_o


  • tommykimon

    This group is extremely racist. They didn’t even pop up until a black man was elected. And she is just as racist as the group.

  • LaDiva

    Blehhhhh i don’t give a damn

  • Ummmmmm.....

    I see a new black friend in Sarah’s future. Phony a$$…

  • Kristina

    This broad is in denial about the whole tea party thing. I remember hearing about folks outright calling Obama a n***er at one of the rallies. How could she hear stuff like that and those signs and turn around and say the NAACP is wrong? She’s just mad because they called her and her little lynch mobs out, you can CLEARLY see that tea party members are racist.

  • drenk

    7/14/10, 11:21:am
    This group is extremely racist. They didn’t even pop up until a black man was elected. And she is just as racist as the group

    i would have respect for them and take them seriously if they were this up in arms when bush was leading us into a BS war, when clinton signed NAFTA, but no it was all good then


    Sarah racist Palin is the voice of the KKL and all of the other racists haters in the world. When her dumb behind was running for VP she tried her best to get a race war going everytime they allowed her to open her mouth. She is nothing but trailer trash and shows just how dumb the white race really have become.

  • Caramel Cat™ ('Return of the Ankh' is a bonafide clazzic)


    I would have respect for them and take them seriously if they would stop lying and admit that their references to the ‘good old days’ consist of needing to feel superior again (whites). This fabricating and sugar coating the truth with bull about us getting a black president is making us a ‘post-racial’ society is flat out ridiculous. I just want them to be honest with me, it’s the lying that annoys me to no end….

    All racists should wear their racism proudly and let the world know how they feel…

  • GymCamelToe

    They ARE racist

  • http://cri.bs/2010/07/ho-sit-down-sarah-palin-is-upset-about-the-naacp-calling-the-tea-party-shady-racist%c2%a0fcks/ Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Is Upset About The NAACP Calling The Tea Party Shady Racist F*cks | Cribs (Cri.bs)

    […] See Original Story […]

  • Coldt7

    All Palin need is some black pipe up in her.I’ll bet then she’ll shut the f*ck up,with happiness.Ol”white freak.

  • Asiaplu

    @Caramel Cat….I totally agree with what you stated…It’s almost as if they really think we are that stupid that we do not see their hate for him has nothing to do with his policies but his skin color. White people are scared as hell right now….a Black man is running the country, White women are diluting their race, and hispanics are becoming the majority. All the while white people’s actions are predictable….Arizona’a law…but it all makes me laugh because in the end WHITE PEOPLE WILL BE THE ONE’S TO SUFFER AND HONESTLY….I DON’T CARE..LOL


    As I’ve said before-she’s nothing more than a Republican version of Jesse Jackson.She keeps that working class White base in line.


    I do not like Obama’s OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING…soon to be followed by OUT OF CONTROL TAXING.Still-I don’t see the Tea Party being the answer to it.

  • Please

    This broad has some nerve. Remember months back when she was Mrs “Drill Baby Drill”. You aint heard shi@t from her ever since the Gulf Oil Spill.

    Now here she go again. She dont need a “Ho Sit Down” She need a “Baitch, get back under that rock you been hiding under”. Asap.

  • Lisa

    The Tea Party is racist and it feeds into the ‘white entitlement’ mindset. I find it funny that these Tea Baggers where NOWHERE to be found when Bush was bankrupting America, and now, they want to blame Obama? GTFOH. This group was started strictly because we have a Black president and that is why their rhetoric is more racist than about government spending, as they claim.

  • Somali Ninga

    hate that ©unt

  • DeeDee

    Asiaplu,I co-sign 110% with you.Sarah Palin and that nitwit Elisabeth Hasselb*tch don’t need a Ho Sit Down, they both need a good old fashioned backwoods, Mississippi *ss-whooping! Sarah Palin needs to remember,you reap what you sew,and all this HATE she is spreading is going to come back around and punch her right in that ANNOYING face!

  • KingCaynedsupportsKingJames

    that has to be the dumbest woman ever to live…her and her fake family

  • tg

    She’s saddened by the NAACP – wait until she hears the news about her daughter in the gossip rags. She need to stop running around the country for a bunch of arseholes and be the soccer mom she professed herself to be. Then, maybe, she would know her daughter was engaged. Or better yet, maybe her daughter would be honest with her – if she treated them as if they were the most important thing in her life – instead of a bunch of racist idiots. Well you get what you deserve – SOCCER MOM. She doesn’t even know what her OWN children are doing.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER BUUUUDDDAATTT!!!!

    NAACP is owned by white fake jews……..looks who talking!

  • Crystal

    She’s pathetic, I think she should devote more time to her retarded kid and to finding out what’s going on in her own household. She don’t want to be suprised that her husband is cheating on her or that another of her kids is pregnant.

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