Rihanna Really Doesn’t Give A Fizzuck About No Damn Breezy

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna’s reps have shot down those SUSPECT AZZ rumors of the singer reaching out to Chris Brown following his BET Performance. Pop the hood for the details

According to Gossip Cop, the “Rude Boy” singer’s rep calls the claims that she is talking with Chris “absolutely not true.” Maybe it was all just wishful thinking on Chris’s part.

The rumor, initially started by a “source” in Heat magazine, claimed that the 22-year-old singer was touched by Chris’s tearful tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards and had begun text messaging him. The source even went to add that Rihanna wanted to have a “face-to-face meeting” with the “Forever” singer. Of course, that would be nearly impossible since Chris has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna during his five years of probatio

SMH… We figured that isht was a stretch — especially since we heard that not only hadn’t RihRih even seen Breezy’s performance, but that she didn’t care!!!

So does that make her an ice queen? Or just smart enough not to look backwards?


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  • bealady


  • cee

    smart enough to not look backward

  • robo

    if y’all knew it wasn’t true, what y’all post it for?

  • kay

    it make her an smart and a ice queeh cause i think he does care about either. soooooo on to the next one.

    ps 2nd

  • neen-o

    She cares about that boy…but her people will NEVER admit that…lol

  • Luv Mike Jackson


  • kay

    guess not

  • kalifa

    she milked her beatdown and chris who is clearly more talented now has to struggle to redeem himself and practically beg the public for forgiveness

    give her the Deuces and let’s move on!!!

  • vonm3231

    i thank rihanna still love chris just he loved her.but so what if she didnt say all those thing i thank she did.chris brown you need to move on shes not that inportant who is rihanna is shes nobody chris you can find some one better and all this beautyful women out here.rihanna go her and her herpas

  • 2010Negro

    I cant stand that red-headed Vulture

    people seem to forget that she ran back to chris soon after the beating but left him once the “public” condemned their abusive relationship.

    chris dont want her

  • efsw

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  • Bajan Empress

    Rihanna is an embara$$ment to Barbados.
    fake american accent, bleached skin, FAKE

  • jojo

    bwahhahahhahaha,i bet breezy was sitting by his phone anxiously awaiting that “call”,lmaoooooo.sorry kick brown,but rhi ain thinkin bout you!!:(

  • Elle

    I think Rihanna’s rep is lying. As if she would confirm the rumor. And if it was so fake, she would have gone into more detail especially given their history. “absolutely not true” is just not convincing enough.

  • i wish i would

    SMART: CB’s camp started that lie to garner him symphony for that crying act he did. They added”she was touched because she never seen him like that before”. game reconized game

  • say it ain't so

    ri has never talked directly about this goofy clown but once and that was her 20/20 and it took over 8 months before she said a word.she has a new boo and they are in love with each other, live with it. she turned the page long ago on this goofy looser and has moved on why don’t all of you and that goofy looking clown do the same. and if people ask about him and her in different articles she has a right to tell them what she wants to and it’s none of your business.

  • say it ain't so

    @ bajan express you are a liar, barbados loves rihanna and they have showed their love for her in a big way. and she loves barbados. look up the articles on rihanna barbados most prized posession, and the beautiful plot of land that they gave her to show their love, you my dear can stay mad.

  • say it ain't so

    @ bajan express if rihanna’s skin is bleached , how did she get her butt and arms and neck all the same color??? she and her brothers are all high yellow and look at their pictures and you can see. her dad is irish and she gets her color from him . even her two brotheres are high yellow. you are just jealous and envious of her success and mad because she’s a international super stat, rich , happy and famous a Alister all the way.

  • sunshineRD


  • say it ain't so

    international super star, known the world over and one of the most potographed artist in the entire world.

  • say it ain't so

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!

  • P.Huck Yew

    Oh well but one thing still stands……..Rihanna can get it.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    @i wish i would

    Co-sign that 100%!!!!!


    BOTH @rihanna and @chris have moved onto the next on in jays voice why cant we move to the next one two and leave these kids kidz to live their normal lives. I think chris brown deserve jail time and not Lindsay Lohan

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