Nino Brown Is Going To Jail

- By Bossip Staff

Wesley Snipes lost his appeal against a three-year prison sentence on federal tax charges. Details when you Continue

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  • SMH!

    What makes people think they can just NOT pay their taxes???

  • Jamillah

    Goodbye Wesley Snipes. Enjoy your bid.

  • F*CKU

    @SMH Probably the fact that so many of America’s wealthy DON’T. And that the Income Tax as applied to us as citizens is unconstitutional.

    I doubt you know or understand much about that.

  • HOLLA!

    HMMMM! he was always a train wreck.

  • Vel-J

    Another sell out bites the dust. He once said aint nothing a black woman can’t do for him. Enjoy your prison stay. I’m sure the Beckys and Kim-lus will be waiting on you when you get out.

  • WinterBabyBlue

    I hope he remembers those fighting techniques from Undisputed.

  • !!!!!




  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Don’t feel sorry for him. He has to pay taxes like EVERYONE ELSE. He knowingly witheld payment to the gov’t and that’s a FEDERAL crime. This wasn’t a case of someone who’s finances were wiped out b/c of an accident, illness, or some crooked money manager. He did it on the crazy principle that he just didn’t HAVE to.

    In reality, US citizens pay some of the lowest taxes in the industrialized world. In the Netherlands, for example, thier citizens pay at least 50% of thier income to taxes. On the other hand, their citizens have access to free health care, 12 months of PAID maternity/family leave, free childcare/nanny services, free education straight through to college, minimum of 6 weeks
    paid vacations, and they have the strictest handgun laws out there, which in turn, keeps violent crime rates very low. Unemployment is very low, and if you’re in need of work, they help
    you find one. Just a thought of what taxes, if managed properly by a gov’t can provide it’s citizens with.

  • tj

    Good grief, people. Must EVERYTHING be about race? This man made a ton of money, didn’t pay taxes, thought’d he’d get off and didn’t. Period. End of story. It isn’t about race. If it was, you’d realize that wealthy white folk pay their taxes to avoid these situations. The one’s with money like Mr. Snipes don’t and get caught up, too. If black folks feel that everything is so biased against them, then STOP DOING DUMB ISHT THAT WILL GET YOU CAUGHT UP. No smoke, no fire. Duh! (Oh yeah, and stop whining and take responsibility for your own actions or lack thereof)

  • Cozo

    Stupid! Pay your damn bills. He had a crooked accountant who he turned all of his financial dealings over to and that was his first big mistake. You need to know where your money is going yourself you can’t trust your accountant if I had money I would double check and triple check with the IRS every six months to make sure that my taxes are being paid by the people in charge of my money.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I.R.S:I-REPOSSESS-SH*T! That means your freedom too!



  • Just Bored

    The IRS likes to go after the little guy ($25,000 or less owed) more often because they know they will pay out of fear of losing the little they have.

    It’s a shame that it took so many years to decide he needed to be dealt with. When your rich you can duck and dodge for a very long time and settle a payoff amount for alot less than you actually owe. The little guy better give back every single dime they owe…. or else.

  • leonard mckelvey

    Do they serve Chinese food in prison?

  • tj

    @ Just bored…you must be. Wesley Snipes is on the hook for $12M, not $12, not $1200, not $12000. He’s no little guy. And it appears to be for income from 1991 – 2000 or so. How much did you make and pay in taxes during that time?

  • tj

    Oops. Mean 1999 to 2000.

  • Peter

    Hood rat black females on here, this is the reason you hood rats don’t get wifed up. Good for nothing negr0 women love to hate on IR daters but praise black woman with a white male. This poor rich black man has been railroaded by the justice system. It is always a black male who seems to pay the highest price for these issues. Yet white cops and white individuals can get a slap on the wrist for anything.

    Hey Cozo if he had a crooked accountant than the accountant should be going to prison not snipes. If he did not know what the accountant was doing was illicit then he has a out. High profile celebrities don’t go to prison for tax evasion. They usually pay a fine for this and keep it moving but now all of a sudden the criminal justice system wants to make an example of this man. I have no problem if everyone went to prison on tax evasion but they don’t and to select certain people to go to prison is unfair. Its always about race because America is about race. The black male is always made an example when whites seem to just skate.

  • effa_bossip


    nobody likes paying taxes —
    this nigg@ SHOULD HAVE PAID ON TIME just like I have to.

    eff the nigg@

  • clarkekent3000

    The owner of the La Dodgers Frank McCord made over 5 mil the past 5 years and paid NO INCOME TAX!

    look it up!

    Think the tax code is a bit skewed?

  • WHO CARES, bye bye!!

    Good bye and good riddance, you self hating trifling twit.



  • DontBeScurred

    Adios niggga! Next time, PAY YO FARE!

  • oduroyal

    “You ain’t bad, you ain’t nuthin’!!!!” LOL!

  • Mabel

    So sad, he has young boys who will be without a father for 3 yrs. I enjoyed his body of work, and hope he will take the time to do some scriptwriting while he is imprisoned,maybe he can come out with an Oscar winner.

    I get audited every year, so I give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and keep it moving.

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