Sherri Shepherd Found Pictures Of Husband Having Sex With Someone Right After Birth Of Premature Son!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Sherri Shepherd is in the middle of divorcing her unfaithful husband Jeff Tarpley and all the skanky details of his disgusting behavior are spilling out in her testimony. Pop the hood for the nastiness

According to TMZ reports:

Sherri Shepherd’s divorce trial just got nasty today, when the co-host of “The View” testified … while her newborn was in the ICU, she found pictures of her husband having sex with someone.

Shepherd testified after having a preemie baby weighing 1 pound, 10 ounces, she was going back and forth to the neonatal intensive care unit for several months. She said one day upon returning home, she found pictures of her husband Jeff Tarpley having sex with a random woman, whom he later impregnated.

Shepherd filed for divorce shortly after finding the photos, back in 2006.

We talked to Sherri in the courtroom hallway just a few minutes ago, and she wanted us to say Jeff’s a good dad.

Good Dad? It sounds like he should’ve been doing a little more visiting the neonatal intensive care unit instead of bringing his unit to somebody else’s womb!

Taking pictures with the other woman DURING sex and leaving them around for the wife to find… Who does that???? How awful for Sherri!

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  • Get Real

    The sad thing was she went broke trying to have that fool baby. She spoke about the expensive treatments that cost up to 50k that she paid for (alone) to get pregnant. I guess all those abortions she had did a number on her body. Sheri said by the time she got the gig on the View she was near bankrupcy over trying to get pregnant. I like Sheri but she’s not too bright.

  • sholla21

    That’a awful. Poor Sherri.
    I’m not a fan of hers and I have to admit I find her annoying on The View but no-body deserves to be hurt like that.
    I hope she finds a good man and moves on.
    Whatever happened to her sitcom BTW?

  • Eva Montego

    Wow..I guess that explains why she is so bitter.

  • Me

    I’m suprised the baby didn’t slide out of her after 20 weeks. She’s had like 15 abortions or so!

  • realtalk


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  • Monako

    50K for birth treatment!Lol,Move to Quebec,Canada,it’s free.

  • sweetz


    Why do you have to make this about race…that mess is getting so tired. As if men of other races don’t cheat. I’m sorry if you’ve been hurt by black men in the past but please spare us all that “typical black man” nonsense because you haven’t dated EVERY black man. And you’re probably one of the first people to catch a fit when someone talks about how “typical” us black women are. You’re not in elementary school anymore so I’m pretty sure you are aware that the behavior of certain people of a specific group doesn’t define the whole group.


    she is a baby killer good for her azz

    all those abortions and now the ironiy

    she is still going to be alone raising a child


  • Somali Ninga

    He’s a bigger dou©he than The-Dream

  • Mels

    I am so tired of Sherri ignorant ass. She has been divorced from this man like forever and still refers to him as her husband. Yes the woman he cheated with was white who he eventually married, but by Sherri’s own admission she said he met the other women while they both worked at a fast food joint. She recently admitted the relationship on and off. She is annoying on the View behaves holy than thou everytime, doesn’t know the earth is round (sphere). I swear most of the time she speaks I’m convinced she was hired just by being black.

  • effa_bossip

    what kind of dumba$$1) has an “affair” with a 1-lb. preemie just born; ?(2) needs “momento” photos of the deed?

    there ought to be a mandatory INTELLIGENE test for marriage —- because there’s just no need for dumba$$es like this to breed.

    frankly, about 80% of the nigg@s breeding in this world ought to be discouraged from doing it —- MALE & FEMALE, BTW.

  • clarkekent3000

    Good for her loud mouth azz!!!!

  • val


    Her sitcom was cancelled unfortunately.


    I understand what you mean, but she has admitted to her mistakes and has moved on from them. She knows the earth is round; it was a mistake she is now known for but it’s in the past. She still refers to Jeff as her husband because legally she is still married to him. I have to admit, you aren’t the only person who feels the way you do. She, like everyone else should be given a chance to redeem herself.

    Me personally, I wouldn’t have given my son my cheating husband’s name, but that’s just me. On the other hand, maybe that was agreed upon prior to the cheating.

  • BeReal

    If you are a man, and you’re married, and you cheat, and you take pictures, and you don’t make sure that your wife doesn’t see them, you are either one of two things: stupid or you just don’t give a f*ck.

    Actually, you’re stupid either way. You gave her evidence of your infedelity to show in court. And she has a sob story? Pshhh. This is Exhibit A of how not using your brain can f*ck you over.

  • Darth H8ter

    He probably wanted someone whom he could have a decent conversation with. She thinks the earth is flat. Best of luck to her.

  • Just Me

    What is wrong with you people who are saying, “good, she deserves what she got?!!!!” How cruel can some of you be? I could NEVER open my mouth and wish harm on another person because I’m a firm believer in you reap what you sow!!!! Regardless of what her past was she didn’t deserve to be cheated on by a husband who vowed to be faithful to her. Yes she’s made mistakes and she has and is learning from those mistakes, but who are we to condemn anyone?!!!!

  • BBBEE25

    He’s disgusting….while his wife is suffering and mourning the loss of their child….he’s out there cheating and making babies behind her back. SMDH.

  • BBBEE25

    This world is corrupt and assbackwards. People that want to have kids can’t and people who can don’t really want their kids LOL. Abortions are no good, ruins the body from what I’ve been told anyway. Some of the people that God allow to have children amazes me.

  • Just Me

    That should be cl@ssy. Why is that word censored?

  • Mabel

    Unlike most, I actually like Sherri Shepherd. Being cheated on while pregnant has got to be a dreadful experience. I wish her and the child well.

  • memchee

    & she gave him the house and alimony…SMH!!!

    She should tell who her lawyer was so er’one knows not to hire him/her!

  • bklynlady

    Spanish woman will deal with any kind of man. Married, addicted to drugs, homeless, unemployed, old. Just to have a man.

    He must have something on Sherri because she’s always emphasizing the fact that he’s such a good father…..maybe he is…*shrugs*

  • Amber Lamps

    This is the lady who thinks/thought the earth is flat.

  • shane

    I suppose the majority of people have never heard of GRACE! you know that word means not deserving of it but God kind of still find you as a candidate for it anyway!If it were not for God’s good grace were would we be, because in God’s sight even our most gracious good deeds are still as filthy rags, Who was worthy of Christ dying for our sin, No not one of us, lets not act like we are so worthy of anything, Sherri has to answer for her sins as so do the rest of us, yes all of us have done wrong, lets pray for each other, the rain falls on the righteous as well as the unrighteous!

  • http://() tmf

    Before all of you jump on team Sheppard, she cheated on her husband also. Mindless dribble. This was four years ago and she is still in denial about what she did while she was married. People make mistakes, but she need to take ownership in this disaster. Her husband has admitted his mistakes and moved on.

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