Gabourey Sidibe Describes Her Dream Guy, Has A Crush On Trey Songz…Asked Him If He Wanted To Date

- By Bossip Staff

This girl kills us with all of this “crush” talk”:

When it comes to dating, Gabourey Sidibe has a pretty good idea what she wants in a guy. “I like smart men,” she tells PEOPLE at the Three16 Music Showcase in New York. “Smart men with grown up jobs who share my unusual sense of humor. People might be surprised to know I have a thing for nerds too,” Sidibe, 27, says. “I am looking for someone who is so sweet, who offers to help me put on my shoes before an event.”

She also has a thing for musicians, as evidenced by her public declarations of love – or, at least, affection – for Justin Timberlake. For now, though, there’s another singer catching her eye.

“I’m super crushing on Trey Songz,” she says. “I used to listen to his music when I worked in an office, and when I met him a few weeks ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement.” During their first conversation Sidibe recalls asking the singer, “‘Now that we go to the same events, you think I’m cool, right? Do you want to date? We could just get married!'”

SMH. Poor thang. We all know Trey Trey ain’t checking for Gabs, but…


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  • a.b.

    Fat Chance. No pun intended


    this fat b_tch need to realize she a fat. im all for self love but the b_tch fat and ugly as hell


  • makemewannascream

    She loves suspect guys.

  • FredSavage

    If she wants to date some one she needs to lose some weight, no one wants to date a fat chick.

  • jess

    She needs help putting on her shoes…Damn lose some weight!

  • mrs david sumo

    stop the madness gabby hell lose the weight

  • Amy

    LMAO! @ a.b. – you wrong for that FAM 🙂

    Sibie needs to PICK from her own stable – and I’m not saying that based on her weight, but her calliber. Alot of times people pick out of their “personality,” so it always look mixmatch. Pick what’s you inside and out, NOT what you want to be proceived as…because chances are you’ll become LOST within a relationship -even friendship or partnership in business if you don’t STAY true to you.

  • Amy

    LOL!!! @ jess….didn’t I just say y’all wrong today????

  • Nikki

    I like the fact that she loves herself and sees nothing wrong with herself. However the men she is going after in Hollywood most likely don’t want to be seen with a woman her size..Have we ever seen any of the singers with a woman her size..come on…I’m a big girl too(not as big as she is)..and I love myself too but it’s not healthy to be bigger..There is not one doctor that would agree being 350 is healthy..I myself and following Mo’Nique’s example and changing my lifestyle..If Gabby wants the singers she needs to get down to a healthier weight(Just my opinion)

  • slm

    haha she wants a man that offer to put on her shoes b4 an event wat she to fatt nd lazy to bend dwn nd put it on herself??????LMAO

  • @Nikki

    I totally agree with you…in fact, most of the men in Hollywood (black ones anyway) don’t even date within their race, let alone someone who’s bigger than them.

  • kalifa

    so what if she’s fat…y’all act like its a curse 😦
    i think its cute that gabby can speak about her crushes….maybe her fatness prevents her from being a hoe like other celebs

    sad thing is if she won an oscar dudes will be all over her fat a$$

  • daahlingnikki

    im not going to jump on the she’s fat black and ugly wagon…but she should be realistic about her choices…if she wants a man in hollywood shes either going to have to lose some weight or gain some more money…

  • ashley

    lol @ jess i thought the same thing.

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    She didn’t say she wanted Trey, she meant a Tray as in a large quantity of food. Anyway, this chick needs to get an education and lose some weight because she sounds as dumb as hell. Anyways, Trey is gay!!

  • gebb

    Grow up Gaby, your not cute and even if you were you would still be annoying… The clock is ticking on it’s last minutes of your 15 minutes.

  • dollface

    LMBO@ a.b.!

  • Erika

    She is really immature, a 27 year old woman should not be talking about “crushing” on people! Her entire conversation sounds like a 19 year old girl not someone who is close to thirty!

  • im tired

    wow yall being mean 2day.

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    No FATKING way !

  • Jussy

    I screamed when I read this. I’m still laughing.

    “She didn’t say she wanted Trey, she meant a Tray as in a large quantity of food Anyway, this chick needs to get an education and lose some weight because she sounds as dumb as hell. Anyways, Trey is gay!” by auntdoggandauntfail

    But really ok she’s big we get that. There are fine men that go for that I’m just saying. Probably not Trey but many more.

  • MEME

    OHH GOD!

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    I mean no offense by this but even her fat is fat ! Her and trey songz a couple
    ???? Whose next as a couple flava flav and halley berry ?!

  • diggy

    Trey must of been scared outa he’s pants when she was standing infront of him asking him that….lol


    Wow! It absolutely amazes me that how some of you on here are so immature and display such incredibly insulting comments regarding this talented young women. I have to give her credit for not only being confident, but, having a sense of humor and such a warm and loving spirit. Granted she may not look like halle berry, or gabrielle union or get the good looking singers or actors but to those of you who say so many negative things about her, what did she do that was so bad to the public or do you? Again, correct me if im wrong but she seems to be one of the very few in Hollyweird that has a spirit of caring and sense of humor. Keep on keeping on Gabby!

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