Nicki Minaj As A “Hood$tar” Before The Glitz, The T*ts, The Glam, And The CAKES!

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve been showing you pre-booty injected Nicki Minaj pics since day one, but if you still care to see more…Pop it to peep lil flattycakes Onika Maraj…

Neil Grant (who introduced me to the Nicki scenario way back when) took this pic of me and Nicki Minaj when she was signed to Full Force & she had joined my Son Lou$tar’s rap group “The Hoodstars” (also featured rapper Svn-Up & her fiance’ Safaree Samuels who I always believed in as a real talent much more than the hype-man he is for Nicki now & with them she was groomed while honing her skills under the guide of Lou$tar & Svn-Up. Congrats to Nicki with all of her success. As a solo act, we took her to every record company including DefJam/Rockefella & G-Unit but at that time,no label or rap crew wanted to deal with female rappers. We parted with Nicki amicably but I still told her to jump on MySpace and do her thing to create a buzz. She did that and was founded by her ex mgr Fendi & for 2 years,she grinded until Lil Wayne discovered her on a Mixtape DVD.

And another one:



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  • lala

    Nicki Minaj is corny. She’s just a “trend” . I never liked her, never will.

    • Marysa

      Excuse meeh buht nicki minaj ihs awesome and her music ihss hecka fetch. Yhoo the one who ihss ackorgiddyway itchesorgiddybay and yhoo been a fan soo quit hatin

    • Tasha

      @Marysa… I sincerely hope that your retort to lala was a sarcastic joke. If not… well… that’s even funnier if it’s not!

    • http://facebook elijahhill

      i know right

    • brianh

      Kinda sounds demonic if you read what @Marysa posted out loud

    • lakesha

      i like her songs but not her she so fake

    • http://yahoo lakesha

      i know

    • bluecowgurl25

      yeah her music is cool but she isn’t. She doesn’t give props to anyone but Missy elliot. ok thats cool and all but, you are biting on more than just her style. Trina has been and always will be the baddest Bitoch ok. she is not worried about lil Wayne. Shoot little Wayne aint thinking about Nicki wit his baby making self. To get respect she needs to give it. Fareal Fareal. Face it all the tramps riding her tits she talking bout y’all in the song shytin on em. Just listen!!!!!!! If you a real women and you respect yourself she would not be played all damn day.

    • CASEY!!


    • mechia


    • http://+234-08168341598 vizzy jx

      cause she is called barbie does not mean we should hate her instead love her for who she is inside and not outside{her body}.

  • rain

    nicky is a beautiful girl,i don’t care for her music to much

  • styles

    lol, where did the hips go?

  • Joasdth

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    • kim rolon

      i have been in interriacl relationship for 10 years and I just broke up. looking for a person who wants to have a good time once and awhile

    • kim

      Only people who r serious

  • LaDiva

    Nicki aint no different them all the ppl who get azz shots.. Keep it natural ladies; u don’t see men bending over backwards to enhance themselves for u…

    • alex

      um yeah right and i suppose all dem damn male inhancement commercials are just for show???????

    • D nice

      i agree, i’m a dude and i like it when the ladies keep it natural (draw the line at unshaven though lol)

      real talk about us guys we work with what we got any more effort than that and you might be battin on the wrong team.

      as for alex..sorry bruh keep dreaming about ordering those “enhancement pills” that shits a gimmick made to make money off saps and their frail ego’s. there is no “male enhancement” other than hittin the gym and staying in shape.

    • latrice walker

      lol dhat pic look fake bhut u have to do what u feel rite even if u r fake

  • Kim

    I always thought she was fake. I don’t think Nicki Minaj has any talent anyway and I don’t bother listening to any of her music. I wish more women would avoid the knives and stay natural. Would make them better role models to the kids that listen to them

    • missminaj

      she aint fake it’s just the way she wants to live her life and her music is cool stop being haterrrrrs! do u really hate her or r you just jelous


    woah– all fake from head to toe

  • Smokie

    Top pic looks like that stud who “ATE THE BOX”!


      I was thinkn the same thing!

    • flower

      that is the same girl you are right

  • Vamoos

    The last picture remind me of Kat Stacks…

  • And...

    Sounds salty to me…. oh well.

    • mimi

      i dont get u & thatmakes no scenceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee freak

  • G The Intern

    wow…she wouldn’t be the first woman I know to gain weight in her hips and bust over time…Why does she have to be “injected”?

  • huhsaywhat?

    is that Bow Legged Lou? LOL

  • 507_diva

    Natural and entertainment DO NOT equate to money. I am not mad at her if she made some “upgrades” to pursue her dream. Hopefullys he will bank enough money that when he career is over she can take care of herself and loved ones without issue.

  • Nique( aka Mrs. Aubrey Graham)

    rhinoplasty, veneers, buttocks enhancement, breast enlargment/ lift…the price of being famous

  • LaDiva

    How the hell are ppl gonna compare baby oil to azz shots.. Smh @ the idiocracy.

  • yvonne

    lol…shes a fake commodity, will never buy what shes

  • serene

    I thought we already knew this….

  • Soul Touch

    She wasn’t bad before so what’s with all the surgery?

    I hate when blacks mess with their noses, but it happens over and over.

    Boob enhancements….butt enhancements…why is no one happy with what God gave them. Want a bigger butt, workout. You many not get a huge butt, but you can create a beautiful natural booty.

    …better than wasting your money and risking your health…

    Stop living up to these unrealistice ideals set up by a bunch of pot bellied men.


    NOSE JOB TOO?!?!?! damn…she looks nothing like she does now. she wasn’t even all that cute. she’s a chick u would pass on the street, look at her for a few seconds and not even look again, smh! and to think, i thought she was bad. i knew her teeth were too perfect for being born wit tho, thats a good investment. everything else…why boo?!

  • b-nice

    This is Nicki’s moment let her have her moment. I like her style and rap. Stop hating!!! Keep doing what you do girl F*ck these haters……

    • http://us rab23

      i think Nicki is wonderful and people need to stop with the bad comments so what she made her butt bigger and everything else that is her business and she is a good rapper

  • tg

    My question is – do all those injections hurt? Nothing like working with what God gave ya and being happy within and without yourself. But I understand in the music industry – you alter your body to what sells. It’s a shame what money will make these women do to their bodies. I hope the money is worth it for her in the long run. Because doing all that stuff can’t be good for your body in the long run. And has anyone noticed – the men do NOTHING to their bodies for their performances, etc. Women need to wake up and smell the BS they are being handed.

  • HOtsy TOTsy

    looked goo then aND great now !!! SHES SOOOO HOTT

  • Ms. D

    Regardless, Nicki is still pretty. Butt shots or Not. Did this guy say her Hypeman SB or Safaree Sameuls is her fiance? Poorly written.

    • Flawless.

      quite actually, SB definitely IS & HAS BEEN her fiance for 4 years. nicki has stated several times she wants marriage and kids. how young do you think Nicki is?! LOL…she’s damn near 30.

  • ashley in va bch

    why do we act surprised? fame or at least the possibility of fame changes everybody

  • eryre

    She was pretty the way she was…….ladies love yourself…please!

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