Who Looked More Bangin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and video vixen turned actress Leila Arcieri both showed up for the Enzoani Bridal Fashion show in Los Angeles. Check the flippy for more flicks and don’t forget to tell us who looked more bangin’

We don’t mean to influence your choice too much, but doesn’t Leila’s face look kinda … funny? She used to be one of the hottest video chicks out but it looks like she fell into Hollyweird isht!


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  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Ehh. Who caress.


    ME !

  • Common


  • eyeeye

    I gotta go with Garcelle! The other chick is wearn the wrong color! I don’t understand why people wear something that’s THE SAME COLOR AS THEIR SKIN! Never works!

  • http://www.essenceofsilk.com Yvonne

    They both look good. But Garcelle is all natural.

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  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (PReTTy FaCeD A$$a$$iN!!!)

    Leila can get it with them big ‘ol tiddys – I’ll tiddy f*ck her all day… I won’t f*ck tranny azz Garcelle with her own d*ck!! White men can keep her trifling Haitian azz!!

  • http://www.bossipsucks.com PUUUUH-LEEEEASE!

    Garcelle looks around 77 years old! and Leila looks like Lindasy Lohan now! WTF happened?

  • Somali Ninga

    Leila is FINE!!!

  • Thicklikecornbread

    OMG, Leila looks SO OLD in the face now. This was 1 of the baddest chicks in the game. I thought her & Tyrese made a cute couple.

    Really, both of the ladies look old, so imma say NEITHER!

  • Peenut

    Fancy all day everyday. I dun had a crush on her since 96

  • Kristina

    Why all the hate for Garcelle because she was married to a white man? What’s funny, in the thread directly above this, you see the same people salivating over two white women. Lol. Anyways, they both look nice but Leila’s face looks a little off so I’m going with Garcelle.


    Leila. Garcelle looks like a roll of Reynold’s Wrap =| (sorry G!)

  • Allie

    Leila’s whole outfit is better than Garcelle’s, she could have chosen a better dress and better shoes

  • rain

    @Garcelle is prettier,

  • baby

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  • Darkesthourgla ss

    Garcelle is cuter with the curly/wavy hair but Leila has the better outfit w/purse.

  • BBBEE25

    Imma go with Garcelle but they both look old in these pics. Leila looks funny-shaped on the bottom.

  • M3@9@N

    Garcelle a zoe. How da hell a zoe gone get witta white boy. Wut dream was she tryna live? A hatian n white boy wtf

  • NYC Gal

    I got to say Garcelle only because Leila’s foundation is too thick and pasty looking. Had Leila matched her foundation with her hands or arms, she would have looked better.

  • sunflower

    Who looked more bangin? Garcelle from the neck up and Leila from the neck down lol

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    Leila Arcieri is a straight up DYME PIECE and she is Very much down wit da brothas not like Garcelle Beauvais beastly a$$.

  • babes

    You people who are up there hating on Garcelle I hope you know that not all haitians are off african decent,

    ….Her white husban I think was french
    Haitians are mixed with french also

    I see yall be doing the same thing to Halle Berry….leave them alone!

  • Nilon

    I dont think Garcelle likes crack heads…dats why i gotta say she looks hotter

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