Besides Light Eyes And Breezy, What Else Do Rihanna And Jasmine Sanders Have In Common?

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown’s new girlfriend, model Jasmine Sanders, shares more in common with his ex Rihanna than just an uncanny resemblance. Pop the hood to find out what else makes Breezy’s breezys similar

Jasmine showed off her hip tattoo Friday backstage at Miami Fashion Week.

RihRih has a similar tattoo down her hip.

Wonder if Jasmine got hers before, or after Rihanna started flashing.

SMH — Hope Breezy never fu*ks up and calls her by the wrong name, we could see how it’d be easy to confuse the two.

Check out some more shots of Jasmine walking the runway for True Religion and Ed Hardy Miami Fashion Week:

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  • c.c.

    woah, not a good look breezy, she even looks like rihanna the eyes lips nose and skin. U can def see the chris isn’t over rihanna by getting a look a like to refill her place

  • Thinking bEfore I sPeAk

    Or maybe Jasmine could be obsessed with Rihanna, and trying to copy her style, swag, etc. all she had left was to get the boyfriend. I dunno…

  • Shakera

    Umm thats creepy.

  • sha

    Way too Creepy

  • heyy

    shee looks like natalie nunn in the first picture.

  • 2010Negro

    Jas aint a hoe like Robyn Fenty though

  • tmnola

    The blogs need to give Jasmine a break! She is a 19-year old model who Chris Brown fancied while they were waiting for a flight from DC to New York. He choose to have her hang out with him while going to parties in New York and he even took her out to dinner.

    She seems to be a beautiful young woman with a good modeling future ahead of her. Blogs should stop comparing her to Chris’ previous girlfriends and just let her be her. Jasmine already has a 25 year old mother and her friends scrutinizing her and she did not sign up for this level of scrutiny just becuz Chris “likes pretty eyes”.

    Chris isn’t marrying anybody anytime soon.

  • raquelhotlover!!!

    wow….thats REALLY weird!! & yeah breezy is trying to fill the void of the fact that he cant have rihanna back!! She is no rihanna & never will be..duhhhh’! Rihanna is way sexier, more fiierce, sultry, freaky….need i say more?? Rihanna is just a badd b$%ch & will remain that.!! =)

  • Phly-Girl

    Please man people cpome on they really look nothing alike you can see that when Jasmine is on the runway…. dam too many haters out here, give the guy a break, and her too

  • Ciana

    Okay but Matt Kemp looks like Chris Brown 10 years from now.your point?

  • Damn

    People need to leave CB and Jasmine the f*ck alone. its obvious some of u jealous b*tches don’t have lives. some of u are worst than that ant-eater looking,bad excuse of a mother looking ho*e Draya….b*tch is almost 30 and wants a 21yr old, now that’s pathetic. If chris is happy with jasmine, just let them be…..on to the next people

  • Natasha

    People are going to be negative no matter what. If they are happy – so be it. I dont think she resembles Rhi Rhi at all

  • JJ

    she needs help


    It seem like some people want be satisfied with who Chris Brown dates intil he gets back with Rihanna [which want ever happen]. Its like they are very upset that he is over Rihanna to the point where they wish that he wasn’t over her so he can be single and miserable for the rest of his life. Let Chris Brown live his life and let Rihanna live hers and let the past go. Rihanna stan act like they want them to get back together.

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Stop comparing what doesn’t need a comparison. Rihanna is an established entertainer and isn’t Rihanna living her live with Matt Kemp? Rihanna didn’t invent side tats nor is she the only black woman born with light eyes.

    Jasmine is a beautiful girl on the rise in her field which is modeling and is living with her dream.

    Kudos to the commenters that called that tragic b on a broom Draya out.

    Sports Illustrated >>> King Magazine #TINC

    Whatever it is or not with Chris Brown, Jasmine is living her life, live yours.

  • FireBomb_Love

    Woah Jasanna Fenty is a Clone she Really wants to be Rihanna..O________O and Rihanna has had her tattoo since 2007 you can tell by her picture with the short black hair… SO

  • FireBomb_Love

    Matt kemp doesn’t even look like eChris Brown and he damn sur isn’t going out getting the same tattoo’s that Chris Brown has either…SMH

  • aries79

    cute girl but Rih looks better

  • Terri

    RiRi is much cuter.

  • ney

    hey! let them be,jasy is cute and they look good together…..rih z also cute but dahhh! every one is cute in there own ways
    way 2 go cris

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