black parents white baby 2

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  • Teena

    This is truly God showing himself again! She is gorgeous and an awesome phenominal woman already! Rejoice in this miracle! Congratulations!

  • nikki

    This baby is Albino

  • kyla

    nikki – how do you know are you a geneticist? are all these experts wrong? you can’t beat nature, it will never cease to amaze and we just have to accept that human kind will never conquer the powers of nature. who knows what the future holds? perhaps white will be black and black will be white!!

  • Jackie

    This is amazing story and I’m wondering did anybody do a blood test with both parents. Now days doctors love to experiment on humans, the mother could of went for a check up are something and the doctor could have done a procedure without her knowing.

    • Eunice

      Jackie, that could be true. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m hoping that this is a strong message to everyone that we all came from Adam and Eve and we really are sisters and brothers whether one accepts this or not. If it’s yellow, quacks and walk like a duck, it’s a duck.

  • merene

    Wow.. god is so awesome.. nothing is impossible with him.. nothing at all

  • Smoore

    Nikki, she’s not an albino. If she were, scientists wouldn’t be so amazed. It is possible, although incredibly rare, that if both parents contain genes from another ethnicity, then their children could potentially inherit and express those genes.

    It is a beautiful testimony to God’s creativity, but it’s not a miracle. All humans were one skim tone and one ethnicity, but after the flood the new, extreme climate conditions caused certain features to be dominant in certain geographical areas. We are all humans, so we have the amazing potential to “mix and match” with other ethnicities to create the beautiful variety we see in the world.

  • Gail H

    That’s just like an african, they glorify the white skin color… Wow, are you serious!!!

  • Mrs C

    This couple should appear on Maury’s show for DNA test. Maury would solve this mystery for sure 🙂

  • Tamika

    I agree with Gail. I fight daily to teach my black children to embrace the gift of melanin in a world that teaches us it’s a curse (christianity). These parents have created a rivalry between the two sisters before she even knows her name. Why wasn’t the black girl named beautiful. Self-hatred is the worst kind. Albinism is scientifically defined as either the lack of melanin in the skin, hair, or eyes. This childs condition is not uncommon. She will be sensitive to the sun like the albinos. They should love the child because that’s their baby, but people are talking like this is some wonderful thing. Having children is a blessing. The fact that this child has no melanin is somehow some great work of god is not at all true. If you want to refer to the bible, you will learn that this condition is a biblical curse. I personally am looked at funny because my husband and I planned a large family. But maybe it would be better if we made a couple of albino babies. By the way my husbands grandmother was white(albino) with green eyes and red hair. He is very darked skin. And so are all but one (so far) of our children. Hopefully he will continue to get darker like the rest. People need to wake up!

  • Tiara Marie

    I think this is beatiful and might I ask crazy.
    All of those kids are beatiful I dont think they should praise her like that as if the others arent just the same.

  • Kria

    its not the fact of gloryfying an albino or white skin.its the fact fact that both of the baby girls parents are not only dark but u can tell the last time their dna saw a resesive gene was at least 100 to 200 years people r mad at the wrong thing trying to be super black or something.the only thery I can agree with or ponder is that this was an experiment. get mad at the docters for not giving a conclusive answer.its nigeria were better to experiment.Or just Gods way of saying hi.belive me its not cause she is white its cause its so shocking rare and its not like its not noticeable so love it while its easy

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