white baby black parents

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  • wendy

    wow! This is crazy…The baby is so cute..I would be quite confused myself but its still a blessing…



  • p omo

    this is credibly amezing.its guiet confusing,this baby is a symbol of blessing also is a sign of change this show to the world that nothing is impossible for God.

  • Colette M-L. Bony

    It might be a “Message from the Creator”. Next ttime, a white couple will have a black baby. I hope that it happens to the most racist couple on this planet, and I wish that God would multiply the cases. I would like to see the RED Neck Racists’ reaction.

  • Kristin

    This is amazing…I too believe this is God’s way of showing that we are all the same. God is the one who decides what the color of our skin is — that’s how he designed us. If he wanted us all to be white there would be no color and vise versa. Through God all things are possible.

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