white baby black parents

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  • Olasoji Yemi

    Therd is an urgent scientific prove to clear this,cos in the future i see the innocent girl battle a strong complex,should this mystery be left unexplained…

  • http://www.iconnect.zm Kenn Kauo

    Must be Eugenics!

  • http://www.iconnect.zm Kenn Kauo


  • Gail H

    Did the mother and father do a DNA, at least to rule out any infidelity?!

  • bebe

    dat baby eyes look brown not blue, but i wouldve been like u sure dis my baby?! as black as i am lol but that’s weird though. but she got thick lips and a wide nose like black ppl so she is black though.

  • angel

    The baby may not be albino, but she seems to have albino traits. I’ve seen many people who fit this category.

  • http://Urijela@yahoo.com Jela

    D baby looks lovely nothing bad about d lips and nose shes lovely.

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