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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Calls Manny Pacquiao A “Sissy”, One Of The Biggest F*ggots On The Planet (GO)

Not All Kardashian Butts Are Created Equal … (GO)

Amber Rose Thick Arms of the Day (GO)

Man Fired For Calling Watermelon “Obama Fruit” (GO)

The Curious Case of Shirley Sherrod (GO)

Perdue Farms Recalls 91,872 Pounds Of Chicken Nuggets (GO)

VIDEO: ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Dishes On Jake Gay Rumors & Frank’s Shocking Exit (GO)

Black Republican Calls NAACP “Useful Idiots” [Video] (GO)

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss Reportedly Refuse to Shoot with Lady Gaga (GO)

Chubby Chicks Who Think They’re Hot Always Make Us Laugh (VIDEO) (GO)

‘Girl On Top’ Sex Column: Helpful Positions! (GO)

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  • Badd

    Everyone seems to be obnoxiously jealous of GAGA’s new found success. There’s no reason to hate on her but they do.

    Grace Jones is a whole other case.She’s just hating on GAGA because she reinvented her style & became more popular & more successful with more more money that what she had in a short ammount of time.

    But Naomi Campbell is known for hating on other ppl. She even dislikes her fellow supermodels & fashion icons like Jessica White.

    Idk what’s wrong with her & Idk why ppl don’t like GAGA,, but whatever….Where were Naomi, Kate, & Grace on Forbes 100 list..????? Exactly.

    Why hasn’t Beyonce said anything ?? She’s worked with GAGA several times.
    I think she’s not as negative as these ppl. & She’s not jealous or threaten. She seems to be loving & happy that a new artist is coming up & doing so well. I like that she’s not getting involved with any of the petty mess & she’s just doing her.

    That Amber Rose post was RIDICULOUS.

  • tg

    Man gets fired for saying “Obama fruit”. OK – sometimes I think we do over react when people act stupid. I wasn’t mad at the man, until he tried to explain it as Obama being a melon head. I mean – he couldn’t stop while he was ahead. Some people are just plain ignorant and don’t see stereotyping people as being racist. They honestly don’t GET what we are talking about. That is – unless you start stereotyping them and lumping them all as the SAME. But still, since they think they are so good, they still don’t get it. They don’t mind, because their stereotypes are all good about them. LOL

  • purple love


  • White Women Rule

    Hmmmmm….Floyd Maywearther Sr……really darling is he truly all of those things? I don;t know about you, but I’ve seen sissies fight in London, Germany and New York and have to say that’s actually a compliment. The fights I’ve seen dear these “sissies” have destroyed the “non-Sissy” competition. So, the question that begs to be answered is….what is your son???

    I’ll wait dear….I’ll wait.

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