Eminem And Rihanna On The Set Of “Love The Way You Lie”…

- By Bossip Staff

Eminem and Rihanna are in L.A. shooting the video for their new jawn “Love the Way You Lie”. Rihanna and her kool-aid red hair and Eminem with all his tattoo art work took a minute from working to pose for the camera.

Interesting how Rihanna would have been one of the people Eminem would have made fun of back in the day but since she rolls with the Illuminati that puts her in a different category…

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  • Somali Ninga

    Worse song EVER!!!

  • http://www.essenceofsilk.com Yvonne

    I can’t wait! Love em both!

    Stay beautiful.
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  • Mega

    Great song. Great artists.

  • TMoney253

    They look ready to f*ck!

  • i wish i would

    conGrats to Em and Rihanna. This makes 7 count them seven number ones !!! 111111111 for Rihanna. You go girl, im going to have to name u the hardest working women in Show Biz. Em recovery cd is #1 battling with fatty roazy.

    Antyway see ya tonight Rih!!!!!!!!
    Staples for the last girl on earth tour

  • texas-rose

    @ We “Blacks” Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites


  • used to be a fan

    barf! eminem has SOLD OUT! this song is so lame, he could have made something so much better. i know it, he knows it, you all effing know it. please spare me with your “recovery” bs, you were the best rapper alive and now you are just another sellout.

  • Candid Canuck

    Rhi Rhi looking like pastry..hmmmm tasty!

  • ariana

    “Interesting how Rihanna would have been one of the people Eminem would have made fun of back in the day but since she rolls with the Illuminati that puts her in a different category…”


  • MissNiaG

    WEll whatever..who cares!!

    FOllow me on Twitter/MissNiag

  • Sherry

    Why Em always trying to look hard?

  • Blubberbutt

    Emenin looks like he was goosed by Ri!LOL

  • MsFitch

    I never got the Eminem thing. I really ain’t feelin BillyBob and think he road the hype wagon that has him as the best rapper, Lady Gaga as “deep” and creative, and Halle the most beautiful woman and so forth. His voice is whiny and annoying and there is something off about him something that screams “I have a meth lab in my bathroom” Anywoo Rhi Rhi looks cute, make that money girl chile. Boom.

  • kay

    im not hating but that makeup makes her look old i mean really old. she looks about 30

  • JustMe 33


  • obama's nation

    y’all need to go to urban dictionary to find out the definition for rihanna.

  • Xster

    Wonder how she feels about his attitude toward Black women. I guess money talks…

  • Darren Madkins

    Dang M&M is a little short guy.Rihanna looks tall next to him.M&M always looking hard.LOL who is M&M going to scare the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz maybe.LMBBO

  • raquelhotlover!! =)

    omg omg omg omg!! I REALLY love this song, when i first heard it i was like “woooooooow”!! Eminem is ok on it..but riri is my girl, i REALLY love her!! I did’nt know this was her 7’th #1 hit!! Whooo’- wheee rihanna. Slow down girl, you KILLING’ THEM!! Love u rihanna & i will be fron row in nyc on august 12’th!! =)

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  • Hey!

    Picking up a little weight baby girl.

  • Ryder

    Love the song!!! Eminem is looking a little haggard!!!

  • kalifa

    after hating on celebs for years he decided to stop now and collaborate with this chick?….


  • wethepolop

    Rihanna looks better with her hair that way.No Homo.

  • http://bronzesparkles.onsugar.com/ Bronzey

    Eminem is soooo played out to me but I’m feeling Rih’s hair like that in the pic

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