Bossip Runs Into Eric Benet And He Sings A Little Something Something For The Bossip Readers

- By Bossip Staff

After interviewing Teairra Mari today at the Warner Brothers’ office, we ran into Eric Benet. We chopped it up for a little second about his new project that is dropping this fall and all we can say is… R&B is on its way back!!! Since he can “SANG” his assets off, we had Eric Benet do a little something for you, the readers.

Pop the Top for a Peek

Vodpod videos no longer available.
The lady in the picture with Eric Benet is not a Bossip Writer… Her name is Denise Williams and she is the VP of Visual Productions and Development at Warner Brother Records.

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  • rain


  • M3@9@N

    I love him, thehs a song calld hurricane , i love that damn song. His voice smoother than maxwells too.

  • Check out the video right here

    Yeah! Now that’s what’s up. I saw this same story on HellToDaNaw

  • Linda

    Eric’s last CD, “Love and Life”, earned 2 grammy nominations and was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for this new CD to drop! Voices like his these days are rare. Go Eric!

  • fewafe

    ( )
    y o u c a n f i n d m a n y c h e a p a n d f a s h i o n g o o d s
    y o u m u s t no t m i s s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loving Listener!!!

    This man’s voice is AWESOME!!! He is extremely talented! Too bad some people can’t let the past go and appreciate life in the present. Keep doing the dang thing, Eric!!!!

  • Carmen Brewster

    You’re right he’s not Maxwell,he’s Eric Benet! I don’t think he’s trying to be anyone but himself.He is awesome!!!’

  • Educated Goon

    Nice redbone in the pic

  • underwsr

    Eric is from my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his fine a**. I remember him at UWM before his career took off and he was crazy about this model named Gina. I had a mad crush on him and he was not giving me the time of day, but I ain’t mad at him. I have ALWAYS supported his career. Halle Berry has nothing to do with his career not taking off. He is the master of his destiny and I believe he knows what he is doing and how he wants to control his life and career!

  • anewme

    @underwsr…we are from the same town!I agree with you 100%, he is very much in control of his life and career. Oh, and he is often at Whole Foods! I saw him in there about a month ago!

  • Common

    Love Eric but still a little upset with what he did to Halle. I had rally love them together.

  • d512

    He fine and can sing. So is Maxwell. But they are two different artists.

  • really?

    I agree that he and Maxwell are two different artists. That’s why I’d LUV to see them do a concert together. I’d probably kill for a front row seat!

  • @iGuess

    Let me tell you a little something about Mr. Eric Benet! LOL That man can sing to me anytime. He needs to be in a few more calendars like Alaye or something. All of his sexiness is being wasted and hidden. LOL If both him & Maxwell were in a concert together…it’d be nothing but a sea of women. LOL

  • Lisa

    Eric Benet can SANG the hell out of love ballets. Femininity is my favorite! I hope he does come back AND gets some shine.

  • PrettyInPink

    He can get all day, ANY day!!!




    Eric Benet is extremely talented no one can deny this. His career has been slow because he chose to have affairs with multiple women and ended his marriage with Hallie Berry. I will say the one thing she did do for him was pay for those nice hair plugs he has in the front of his hair, because they are off the chain. My cousin worked in the Dr.’s office who did the transplant, and that man needs to win the award for “best hair plugger”. So if she wasn’t all he wanted her to be in the marriage, she sure was helpful to him in the hair department…just saying! And I just saw Maxwell@ Madison Square Garden in NY he was off the chain and selling out all the major arenas. EB can’t even sell out the House of Blues on a discounted night.

  • LHBM

    Eric Benet is absolutely incredible as a singer, a single Dad and a man. Sometimes the most talented people get the least “shine” because they refuse to compromise their creative integrity in order to rise to the top. If you listen to the popular music today it all sounds the SAME and is quite boring! Talent like Eric Benet, Chrisette Michele, India Arie, John Legend, Maxwell have selected followings because they stay true to themselves and the game. They are of the GENIUNE talent of today- hands down. I like Usher and believe that he is one of the very few who has the ability to become legendary today, but he has to stay true to himself and not compromise his creativity to fit in the run of the mill no talent sect. So in closing I say, keep doing what you do Eric Benet! You are gorgeous, spiritual, and a True man and you have a lifetime supporter in me. 🙂

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i still miss him with locs.

  • nite stick

    What a lot of ppl don’t realize look at all the men Halley Berry been with. All not one ALL her relationships have failed, I don’t how beautiful she is that women got a problems. She can’t keep a man not even the white he ran too.

  • darealwifey

    *Falls out* One of my favorite songs of all time. Loved it! Beautiful voice!

  • dallascutie95

    Is it me or those she look just like Yo-Yo…i’m just saying….

  • Dr. Heather

    I love Eric Benet! He is so underrated…can’t wait for his newest cd.

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