Introducing Winnie & Nelson Mandela…

- By Bossip Staff

Here is the original photo from when Nelson Mandela wed Winnie Madikizela back in 1958, and we now have one of the wedding shots from the upcoming biopic film “Winnie.”

Pop the hatch to see the J-Hud and Terrence Howard version…

We still cannot get over lil Baby Wipes playing the role of Nelson Mandela. Why couldn’t they have casted Chiwetel Ejiofor or something?? SMH.

In other Nelson Mandela news, his grandchildren were held at gunpoint after his 92nd birthday party:

Nelson Mandela’s daughter and grandchildren were held up by gunmen after returning from the former South African president’s 92nd birthday party, it emerged today.
Mr Mandela’s daughter, Zindzi Mandela, and her children were attacked by two men as they arrived by car in the driveway of their home in Johannesburg.
They were ordered to lie down, but then the men decided to leave. However, they returned and searched the group, but then one of the men suddenly fired a shot. The victims’ driver returned fire and the men, both said to be black, fled.
No one was hurt in the exchange on Sunday.

Photos from the party:


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  • J

    Not feelin this ish!

  • Glok.... Great Day in the Morning!


  • ISIS

    Jennifer has an uncanny resemblance to winnie.

  • Zulu Princess

    SMDH, I’m actually at a loss for words, at the ridiculousness of this whole thing!

  • Glok.... Great Day in the Morning!


  • You Smell Me??

    Should of God Jamie Fox for Nelson…

  • You Smell Me??


  • Baybaybay

    This film is a must see I will definately go see it when it comes out the Winnie and Nelson Mandela story is a great story but I’m surprise at the comments here speaking negative about Terrance Howard and Jennifer Hudson there both good actors.

  • kalifa

    they are two accomplished Black actors….why are we hating?

  • Mel

    Hudson looks nothing like Winnie. Winnie is far prettier.

    Why didn’t they cast a South African actress in the role?

  • Iyanda

    I’m so disappointed, there are better actresses and actors in south africa,come on why do they always cast americans to play a south african. What do they know abt south africa. Its just sad

  • sholla21

    Thank God this attack didn’t end in tragedy.
    The man already lost his granddaughter.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Interesting choice for Winnie. I would have liked to have seen Kerry Washington play her. She did a great job as Idi Amin’s wife in the Last King of Scotland, but she didn’t get that much screen time. I’d like to see her play another African First Lady.

  • all that glitters

    You guys need to check yourself with this “sacrifice” mess. I’m not saying it does or doesn’t exist but everyone who is successful didn’t necesarily participate. Jennifer Hudson has an AWESOME and amazing God-given talent. THAT’S why she is successful. To hint that she is in ANY way responsible for the tragedy that befell her family is HEINOUS! Shame shame shame on you!

    Terrence Howard is a jackash. But he is a talented actor and I am sure he will do a nice job of the role.

    I look forward to seeing them both.

  • Call me HALF-RICAN!! damn Filipino and African-American

    J-Hud looks like she’s losing too much weight…Her smile-lines in this pic looks aged; maybe it’s the make-up. Still beautiful tho.

    T Howard does resemble Nelson Mandela. The could pass for father and son.

  • krakatoa


    Interesting choice for Winnie. I would have liked to have seen Kerry Washington play her. She did a great job as Idi Amin’s wife in the Last King of Scotland, but she didn’t get that much screen time. I’d like to see her play another African First Lady.
    You serious? You know she’d have only accepted the role if a white man was cast as Mandela.

  • foreallydoe

    Winnie was a nice looking lady. That’s a nice pic of those two.



  • oduroyal

    I can’t wait to see these two on screen

  • Nan

    I am sure Jennifer is going to surprise a lot of people with this role. All the pain she’s endured in the last few years will fuel the passion andcomittment this role requires. Jennifer may get another oscar if she nails this one too!

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    I find it rather intersting that there are some African’s that look like Asians. Shows that we ARE the original man!

  • sepia830

    What, they couldn’t get Angelina to play Winnie? LOL

    And I can’t stomach looking at Terrence Howard for no d*mn two hours. Sorry, J-Hud.

  • Lovelybubbly

    I’m stunned at the haters here wow some even implying that Jennifer Hudson killed her own family for fame! When someone says crazy stuff like that anything else you say is ignored because that was terrible to even say that. For the record Jennifer Hudson’s mom, nephew and brother were murdered by her sisters boyfriend who the sister had broken up with so why would anyone blame that tragedy on Jennifer ?

  • Cammy

    As an Italian woman i am facinated with the African/African American culture…but you guys are so hard to please. Why cant you support this film and embrase the fact that it is based on such a powerful and spiritualy rich man and woman?

  • cw

    Jhud had a snowball chance in hell to win the oscar for Best Actress, so her best chance to win would be to cast her as supporting actress.

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