Jesus Take The Wheel: Mom And Four Children Die In House Fire

- By Bossip Staff

This is sad:

A suspicious blaze ripped through a Staten Island home Thursday, killing a woman and her four children, fire officials said.

Firefighters had a brief glimmer of hope after breaking through a wall of flames and pulling out a 2-year-old boy from the second-story apartment in Port Richmond. One of the Bravest tried to resuscitate the tot, but the boy died at a nearby hospital. “We were able to save three families and about four or five kids,” one of the cops said. “We tried to go back in for the last family but the door was already orange. The ceiling was caving in – we had to get out of there.”

After extinguishing the 3-alarm blaze, firefighters found the bodies of a woman identified by neighbors as Lisa Jones. They also found her other three children – two girls, 7 and 10, and a boy, 14.

Arson investigators were sifting through the charred debris. And the neighbors below the fatal blaze said they heard scurrying and popping noises before the fire erupted.Compounding the tragedy was evidence that the mother and four children could have been saved.

“We don’t see evidence of a smoke detector,” Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano told reporters. “We keep trying to remind people that a simple $10 or $15 could have made a difference to save five lives here.”

The landlord of their apartment building should be fined or suffer some sort of consequence for having that woman and her children living in an apartment with NO smoke detectors. Crazy.


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  • St. Paul In the Bldg

    wow… god bless them and their families… hope they get to the bottom of this, if it is infact foul play, someone needs to pay!!

  • Lady_Star

    I’ll be praying for them. I hope other families learn from this experience.

  • Lady_Star

    **tragedy… My bad still wakin up



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  • PrayingforGod'sGrace

    @ Annoyed
    I was also wondering why the landlord did not place fire detectors in the homes! There not that much especially since they save lives!!!

  • Kristina

    Aren’t landlords required by law to have working smoke detectors in all units? Yeah, his a.$.$. is in trouble.

  • Ladybug

    That heartbreaking but I’m thinking the same thing someone here mentioned smoke detectors are now the law in most states so this apartment owner may be in trouble.

  • Chester Tha Kat!!! :D

    That’s so sad, and I pray their souls enter everlasting life to walk with Jesus Christ and God in heaven. The landlord should be fined for their death.





  • auntdogganauntfail

    No way I would live in a house with babies and no smoke detectors. R.I.P.

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