Are You Too Picky?

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Good Day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” So the question of the day is: are you too picky? Many of us can relate to this ordeal, right? He’s small, you prefer tall but he treats you like a precious gem. Or, she’s a lil meaty, you prefer slim but she treats you like a king and makes a mean pancake breakfast. Or, on a not so superficial level, maybe he or she is super religious and you can’t remember the last time you stepped inside a church. Maybe he’s a smoker and you can’t stand the smell but the connection cannot be denied. Not too many of us can say that we’ve never grappled with specifics when it comes to committing to someone but have you let too many “good ones” get away? Of course, everyone has their “types” or preferences but are you picky to a fault? Are you picky to a point where your persnickety taste is keeping you from being in a fulfilling relationship? Take a look at what some folks had to say!

Guilty, guilty guilty! I fell in love, well, in retrospect I guess it was infatuation, really. But I was so into this guy and he was fine! I mean, if I had put a dream man together in my head, he was the physical manifestation. Beautiful. Anyway, we dated for a while and ended up moving in together after about a year. The whole time we dated, there were things that I knew would be problematic but I was so in love it didn’t matter. Once the looks wore off, baby, he wasn’t worth a damn. He was so weak and childish and I finally realized what an a*shole he really was. I was so turned-off by that. It was a wake-up call because he was packaged nice but an empty box at the end of the day. Now, I date all kinds of men. Short, chubby, goofy, lanky – I don’t care because if we have a connection and he treats me right that’s all that matters. I can work with that. -Shay, 29

Yes! I know I’m too picky. The crazy part about it is, I’m so far from perfect myself but I know what I want, I guess. I like a women who takes care of herself, keeps her hair and nails done (without my assistance), I want her to cook, clean and, of course, she’s got to be fine and the sex has to be on point. The more I date, the more I find that’s asking a lot. It’s almost to a point where I’m like okay, maybe she doesn’t have to cook but then I feel like I’m “settling.” I thought what I’m looking for is practical but apparently, like I said, it’s asking a lot. I’m willing to overlook some things but I will admit that I’m way too picky. – Terrance, 32

My friends think I’m too picky but I don’t. I like good-looking men with athletic builds and anything outside of that is a no. I’m starting to think I’m overly picky because I’m still single and my relationships end up in the crapper, without fail. But you know what they say, “everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you” and I’m learning the hard way that it’s true. I’m chasing a look but I just can’t see myself with anyone who doesn’t match my ideal guy, you know? I know it’s shallow but what can you do? I don’t know? – Sherry, 33

I think you should be picky to a degree. I married my ex at a very young age and her family goes hard in the paint, they were very heavy drinkers and smokers but my ex wasn’t into that, so she said. I don’t drink nor smoke and she didn’t either when we first met, so she said but I should’ve known better. About two years into our marriage she would come home from being with her bothers and sisters high and drunk and blamed me for stressing her to where she felt she needed to do these things. But she liked it! So, come on. That’s not all the reason why we divorced but it played part. I have a girlfriend now and guess what? She drinks and smokes! I don’t mind it too much because she was honest with me but before, that was a deal breaker for me. – Tony, 30

I learned my lesson a long time ago. I can’t get caught up in someone’s looks. He may look good but be a no-good man. He may be gorgeous on the outside but has ugly ways. It’s not always about the outer because looks are deceiving and the devil is a liar! So I go out of my way to get to know someone before get involved. I can grow to love someone and the time it takes to grow with someone is much more rewarding because falling out of love can happen over night. So I’d much rather do the slow burn when it comes to these matters. You never know who you’ll end up loving just be open to it. – Janet, 31

I dated this girl back in my twenties and she was so sweet. She would do anything for me and she was a really good friend and, overall, a really good person. But she was thick and I mean thick. At the time, I couldn’t get past it. I said nah, I can’t be with a big girl and she wasn’t big,big . . . just thick. She loved my a*s too. I think she hoped that someday we would be together longterm but she gave up and we lost touch. About two years and two breakups later I looked her up and found her and she told me she was happily married. I was a little hurt because I thought we could finally give it a try because I was ready for someone real in my life. He’s a lucky dude because she is a really good person. – Larry, 36

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