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Police Chief-Champion Of Womens Rights Popped Trying To Rape Kid With Crazy Sex Toys!: CLICK HERE

Tampon Being “Left In Too Long” Causes 20-Yr Olds Death?!: CLICK HERE

Rihanna’s Voice Crackles And Pops Introducing Eminem To Perform “Love The Way You Lie”: CLICK HERE

Diddy Says His Dad “Melvin Combs” Was As Big As “Frank Lucas Or Nicky Barnes”: CLICK HERE

BP Operator Comes Out Closet To Expose Shady Dealings Janice…”We Are Just There As A Diversion”: CLICK HERE

*Bossip Video Premiere* Keri Hilson Ft T.I. Official Video “Got Your Back”: CLICK HERE

Arnold Schwarzenegger Clowns Mel Gibson’s Rant And Rush Limbaugh’s Weight: CLICK HERE

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    Bragging that your father (or anyone for that matter) was a purveyor of filth that destroyed an entire people is shameful. Diddy going on and on about his father’s drug ties is late and boring. Diddy should be bragging that because of that he’s dedicating his time and money to turning that around and doing something different so others don’t have to suffer the harmful effects of what drug use does to a family.

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